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Thursday, August 25, 2011

They Plan to Manage

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Wang Yuanfeng
Air Ye Xin
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Alice Wang Yuanfeng
Alice has an older brother and sister. Four years ago, she lost her father in an accident, which left a big scar in her heart. Her grandparents are too old to work but her mother and sister do. Her national college score is good at 488.She has been accepted into Guangxi University of Technology to study construction management

Alice Wang Yuanfeng
Alice Click to Hear her Own Words Yuanfeng
Alice Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤
Plans to be a Construction Manager

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Alice Wang
Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤
Alice Wants to Study Management

       When I was young, I lived a happy life. I have a big family, and then, we can stay together happily .But happy times don't keep too long.  An accident happened. Up to now, I still remember the dark night when I heard the bad news, and I burst into tears -- my father was dead in an accident. 

     I nearly burst apart. I don't know why the catastrophe happened in my family, and I lost my familiar father. My father, who loved me deeply, was gone forever, and I no longer see him again though I miss him very much. Every time I remember the days when I stayed with my father, my tears will fall. There is a big scar in my heart. I never forget it.
     Four years have passed since God took away my father, but I have a great mother. Now my mother is working hard, and so is my older sister. They are working hard in order to keep our family. However, my old grandfather is in poor health, and my grandmother is too old to do anything.
     The world is filled with love.  I dream that one day I can make money myself. I'm sure there is something, which I can do for the poor. Only when we can take a small step, will the world have a big change!
                            Wang Yuanfeng 王元凤

Click on the arrows to see movies of the students telling their stories in their own words. Most pictures will take you to picture pages of all students who have applied for scholarships this year and hope to be accepted into colleges. We only feature those who have proof of acceptance letters.
Air Ye Xin 
Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin 叶心
Air Ye Wants to Study a Foreign Language
 or be a Construction  Manager

Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin
Air Ye Xin 叶心

My name is Ye Xin and my English name is Air. I like foreign languages and the subject of Distribution Management, so I will choose from these two subjects when I enter college. 

However, the cost of my schooling is still a difficulty to my family. My mother and father have been divorced for one and a half years. Now, I live with m mother. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago. Though she is better now, the treatment has destroyed her so seriously that she can't go to work even now. 

My grandparents have to give our cost of living. During vacations, I also get some part-time jobs to earn our living. I know there will be more cost of schooling in college, so my grandparents and mother will suffer more pressure. I think it is my duty to share their pressure, especially now that I am a grown-up. But my energy is limited, and I pretty well need your help. Can you give me a chance by supporting my cost of tuition? 

I intend to be a volunteer to help children who have no families and older people who need love from society. I think it is my responsibility as a person to help others. I learned that from you, Blessing Hands. I want to share my volunteer work by taking photos and writing diary entries to send you every month. I think that will be a meaningful thing not only to me, but also for my country. 

Also, after I graduate from college, I will get a job and earn money as fast as possible to return your support and earn my family's keep. Meanwhile, I'll try my best to aid more poor students to enjoy education and let the love and power I have gotten from you spread  all around, even to all over the world one day. 

This is my application for a scholarship. I'll apprecaite it very much if you help me. I wish you a happy life. 


Air Ye Xin 叶心

Betty Cutts and Alice
Betty Cutts and Alice at her Interview
Please help Air and Alice

We interviewed students personally while I was in China this summer. I heard their stories and saw their tears of hope and tension. 
Our board hopes that all who are accepted into universities will have sponsors.   Only one so far, has a confirmed sponsor.  Please help these wonderful students. 
You may receive more newsletters that usual while we are featuring students for scholarships.  Please bear with us while we are seeking to find sponsors for our very deserving and needy students.  Each one has a unique need and story. 
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Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands Director and Founder

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Village Health Assistant
Village health assistant who wrote the letter
A Thanks Letter to Blessing Hands

Dear Janet and Miss Ma,

How are you? Welcome to Longfu and thanks for giving us classes. It is our honor to attend those ten-day classes. 

After training classes, we really know what health is. What's more, we have learned very basic but important knowledge from both of you. Now we can use this theory to cure our patients in daily time. 

Thank you very much.  The book whose name is Where there is no Doctor is very useful. I think this book is perfect for remote villages where there is a lack of doctors. It can guide us to promote our health system. 

We will use the knowledge which we learned from you to serve our villagers, to cure our patients, and to keep healthy. 

I want to represent all doctors and villagers to say thank you. We know that Janet and Mandy worked very hard for us these days, so we appreciate both of you. Except thank you, we don't know what we can say. We are looking forward to seeing you next year. 

Congshan Village's Doctor

Meng Chenggeng

July 6, 2011