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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Moon Festival in Lexington, KY

Blessing HandsBlessing Hands andLexington's Chinese
Moon Festival
Blessing Hands
  Wei Senbao and the Moon    
Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao with
 Lianna Gilliam

Friends of Blessing Hands will be selling jewelry, baked goods, and cakes for the benefit of the Wei Senbao's medical fund and other Blessing Hands projects at this festival. 

Last year a special friend of Blessing Hands won the moon cake contest and gave the prize money to Wei Senbao.
She was able to meet him this summer when her family traveled to China. This
year she is taking orders for moon cakes and has already raised $600 for Wei. It is very time consuming to make moon cakes so that might be her limit. 

You can give to Blessing Hands right on your computer at this link. 

Look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying the moon. Come by our table and pick up some of our new brochures and newsletters to share with your friends. 
Chinese Moon Festival 
Free Admission

Chinese gather during the full moon in the month of September to enjoy the moon and family. They eat special traditional moon cakes and share in family fun.
Lexington's moon festival is Saturday September 10 at the Moon Dance Amphitheater in Beaumont Centre Circle, Saturday 4 pm - 8 pm, September 10, 2011.

Activities include a talent show, drawing contest, moon cake competition, Chinese essay and drawing contest, dance and music performances.

To participate in the essay and drawing contest, please fill out the Painting and Essay Competition Registration Form. More information is at this link. 
The event is hosted by the Kentucky Chinese America Association every yearThere will be displays by community groups & vendors especially from 2 to 4 o'clock.

Free access to Beaumont Centre Family YMCA facilities and lantern making activities (For more info, call 859 219-9622 ext. 24).

Delicious Chinese foods available for purchase but free to members of KCAA. For more information, call 267 280-3537 or 859 533-6183.
e-mail wei.luo@uky.edu.  
 Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands has given some type of school aid to 635 students in China over the last 6 years.  
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