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Friday, September 02, 2011

Blessing Hands
Sand Lu

     Sand Lu Yuanlian will study computer science. His father passed away when he was 13. His little brother had to leave school when he was 15. His mother is a farmer but is often sick. His older sister is in Guangxi University.  He is from Xinzhou High school in rural Qinzhou Prefecture. Sand needs help to go to Guangxi University of Technology in Liuzhou for 4 years.  His national score on the entrance exam is 503, which qualified him to a high level college. 

Susan Chen   
      Susan has 8 people in her family. She is the youngest with three older sisters and a brother, who do not have stable jobs. She is from Qinzhou, China. Her national score is 416.  She has been accepted into the Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University.  Her major is finance, a 4 year course. She also wanted to study medicine, but accepted finance when that major admitted her. Students in China do not always get their choice concerning what they study in college. It depends on what major program the college that accepts them has available.
Sand Lu
Sand Lu Yuanlian

Susan Chan
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
Two Students Selected by Sponsors

       We are delighted to have sponsors select Amy Huang and Carol Tang for new scholarships.  We have at least 6 more students to feature yet and more may receive college acceptances in coming weeks. Some colleges do not start for four more weeks and some have already started classes. 

       You can support the student of your choice by giving a $500 scholarship on this page by credit or debit card. If you want to share a student, that is fine too. Just tell put any amount in the "Other" entry place. 

       We have had some old sponsors drop their sponsorships because of sickness or finances. If you want to help a student who has lost their college sponsor, please let us know that too.  

Blessings and Thanks,  
Betty Cutts
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Sand Lu                                                                             View our videos on YouTube
Sand Lu Yuanlian
Sand Lu Yuanlian
         Hello, I am Lu Yuanlian of Xinzhou Middle School. Sand Lu is my chosen name. I feel honored to be a Blessing Hand student.  I want to say, "thank you" to you, all the workers of Blessing Hands and those whoever have helped me and my family. Except for you, I would have no chance to go to high school and meet so many good teachers and friends, and have no chance to pass such happy years.  I met many friends who spend important time in my life.

         When asked what subject I like, I just say I like chemistry very much. I know I am not excellent in Chemistry, but I think I can do so much to get to be. I like studying.   Now, I am going to go to college to achieve my next goal. However, my family can`t afford my college expenses, so I need help.

        My father passed away when I was thirteen, and my grandma left us last year. My mother, the only person who can support the family, but she always gets in trouble with sickness.  Lu Liang, my little brother, left school when he is only fifteen. Lu Hong, my sister, who always did well in class, is studying in
Sand Lu Yuanlian
Sand Lu Yuanlian 2010
Guangxi University. 
          My Mother often asked us to study hard to make a difference in our lives. All  who do, can be seen in the future, I think.  Now, my mother is farming in my hometown. She has very hard work to support us. I feel so honored to have such a mother. 

        So please give a hand, so that I can go to college to achieve my dream. I will do my best in my study to reward everyone who has helped my family and me and reward the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       陆 源炼  Lu Yuanlian 

Susan Chen                                                                                                                                              View our videos on YouTube
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
Susan Chen Qiuxiang
My name is Chen Qiuxiang. I have graduated from Qinzhou No.1 High School and am going to college this fall. The Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University has accepted me to study finance. I am deeply grateful. Finance is one of my favorite majors. I want to go to college and realize my dream to help more and more poor people. I believe finance will help me make my dream come true. I will study hard, but the tuition is 12000 ($1875 USD) yuan every year. I will study there four years.

I live in a big family. There are seven people, my parents and we five children. We live in a small village and live a poor life. My parents are farmers. They have little money.My Mom is sick, so she can't work at all. My Dad and my oldest sister work to support the whole family. They cannot afford our tuitions every year. We have to borrow the tuition from the bank and ask the rich to help us. My third older sister still studies in college and also needs support.

Knowledge is power. It is known that knowledge can make people stronger. I desire to learn more and more knowledge. It is very expensive for us. My family cannot afford it. My parents are worried about it every day. I desire to go to college. I want to help my parents, and I do not want to add too much burden on them. 
Susan Chen
Susan Chen
 I need your help deeply. Blessing Hands has helped me in the past years, and I want to pass this love to other people and let brightness and hope be everywhere in the world.
Please help me. Help me, please! 

Thank you so much!

Chen Qiuxiang 陈秋香  (Susan) 

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