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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Art for Blessing Hands

Art For Blessing Hands

Paintings by Dongfeng Li  

Portrait by Dongfeng Li

Tranquility in Spring Drizzle

 Dongfeng Li's  Paintings

Dongfeng Li - Famous Artist Offers Portraits
Professor Dongfeng Li at WKYT - Feb 7, 2011
Professor Dongfeng Li at WKYT - Feb 7, 2011

        Dongfeng Li, a well known artist internationally, is offering the value of two portraits to Blessing Hands. Li is a teacher at Morehead State University. He recently offered to do two portraits and give the proceeds to Blessing Hands. He will do a portrait of any individual who will come to him in Lexington or Morehead for a sitting. He is offering the items below.

1. A charcoal portrait in black & white for a $300
2. A watercolor portrait in color for a $600 

Purchase a valuable portrait from Dongfeng Li ! Contact us!
Dongfeng Li


Dongfeng Li
Dongfeng Li
      Dongfeng Li is a nationally acclaimed artist in oriental brush, watercolor/pastel portrait/figure painting, and plein air painting. He began his art education in China and earned a MA and MFA since 2000 in the United States. He has taught workshops in all of these media for the last 12 years. He currently teaches at the Department of Art &
Design at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

     His work has won 
awards in competition including the IDE Memorial Award at the 2008 American Watercolor Society International Exhibition. Li is a national award-winning painter and an American Watercolor Society Annual exhibition award winner.

     He is a professional and experienced educator, who has also taught school children for many years. He organized and taught in painting workshop tours of China in 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009.
Specialty: Chinese brush painting, Watercolor, and Drawing  

Dongfeng Li Painting a Portrait.

    You can get a unique portrait for yourself and help our students in China all in one move. Dongfeng Li's generous offer is designed to bless our rural students and bless you as well. He is donating his creative gift, so others can also prosper and grow. 
Betty Cutts

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