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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Give is to Love

Blessing Hands
Great News!

♥ To Give Is To Love ♥
   I received a very encouraging letter recently from a person in Singapore who gave online for one of our scholarship students. H
 e said he took a month to search all the websites for a child to sponsor. It made me cry when he explained why he selected Blessing Hands help him sponsor a student. I have put his own words here so you can see why I cried.   

Liang Dianhui
Liang Dianhui

 I really admire your ambition and thank you for helping the rural students in China. It is definitely not easy to setup a charity foundation, moreover have to run it. Yes, I'm from Singapore.  I appreciate that you added me into Blessing Hands family.

  I was browsing the internet using Google search engine to find an organization to sponsor a child, however, to my amazement, I was being overwhelmed by the number of websites. I slowly browsed through them since August, however, most websites are either not user friendly or did not state how much percentage of the amount donated will benefit the child. I was surprised by the transparency of your foundation hence I decided to go into this. 

  Yes, I did see her profile and would like to thank you for your strategy of posting their videos. At times by looking at words and pictures, I would be afraid that such a charity foundation might be a fraud. However, after looking at the video, it really touched me deep down. Hence, I should not deprive them from going forward and be eager to excel and learn. 

 Wow. Her letter to 
you is so full of love also. Thus this proves what you have done is extremely meaningful.

  One reason I chose Blessing Hands is that it is not a large organization. A huge organization normally has funds from authority and is well known by everyone. Hence, their monthly intake of donations could be unbelievably high. Hence, there are possibilities of anyone misusing the funds.

 I decided to sponsor a child, and there goes one month of hunting. I believe in fate. It's fate that brought us together. From the website, the videos, the Facebook application, I could see you put in a lot of effort, not to mention your love for the kids.
♥ To Give Is To Love 
Liang Dianhui 

Do you want to trust Blessing Hands to help you sponsor a child also? To sponsor a middle school, high school, or college student with Blessing Hands' help. Go to our website

Jeff Mattingly and Eric Zhang
Charles Jeffery Mattingly and Eric Zhang

225 Rubber Neckin' T-Shirts Given
Jeffery Mattingly of Rubberneckintshirts, LLC has given  225 shirts, smalls & mediums, for our kids in China. We will be looking for people willing to carry them to the Guangxi Province of China as second luggage. If you can volunteer to carry some, contact us
Thanks goes to Jeff Mattingly and Eric Zhang for arranging the pickup of T-shirts. 

Eric and Destiny Zhang with their children, Christina and Sophia and
 volunteer Hao Zhang
Lexington Moon  Festival
The Zhang family and volunteer Hao Zhang hosted a table to raise money for a water purifier at the Moon Festival. They made baked goods and jewelry to sell. The family raised $110. Eric is one of  the members of our board. 
Hong Lin, who went to China last summer and met Wei Senbao, raised $817 by selling moon cakes before the festival and winning the prize for the best moon cakes. She donated it all for his medical needs.
You can be a partner with these two families to raise money for Blessing Hands projects. 

Morehead Arts and Eats Festival
Arts and Eats Festival
Volunteers at the Arts and Eats Festival
sold great food from China Star Restaurant. 
Left to right: Jin Qu, Dandan Li, Rui Zhang, Fei Li, and Janet Gross were great volunteer servers.


Blessing Hands sold Chinese food at the Arts and Eats Festival with half of the proceeds going to Rowan County Christmas. This local charity helps families have a fuller Christmas each year in Rowan County. 

We had a great group of volunteers including ten Chinese students and teachers from Morehead State University. Two brought their children, who helped give away postcards made from Yangshuo children's painting. The festival was a great success.

Betty Cutts and Friends at the Blessing Hands Display Table

     These cute kids were in a church class I visited to share about our kids in China. If you would like a Blessing Hands person to speak to your convention, church, school, or club, let us know. The kids came the next day with money they wanted to give to our Chinese children. They sold some items to make the money.

 Nine Sponsored 
Scholarships Students  
     These students were chosen by sponsors to receive college scholarships this year. Three of them had the same sponsors in high school, so we did not feature them in our newsletter. 
     Counting both old and new scholarships, we are helping 38 of our Chinese students attend colleges in China. You can see more students, who have notbeen sponsored yet on our website.Look on the sidebar for their individual feature pages. 
Feng Huan
Feng Huan
Marya Zhang Yu
Marya Zhang Ju
Tang Ling
Tang Ling
Li Yanlan
Li Yanlan
Li Dongyu
Li Dongyu
Karen Liang Lulu
Karen Liang Lulu
Amy Huang Tianyan
Amy Huang Tianyan
Evian Mo Yuanhong
Evian Mo Yuanhong
Air Ye Xin 

Thanks goes to all our wonderful supporters and sponsors that made this newsletter possible. You can join our Blessing Hands family too. Sign up for our newsletter.

Betty Cutts

Blessing Hands