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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Blessings from 
Blessing Hands

My Dad and son on Dad's birthday
Dad and his birthday cake 
and my son Matt
Because my Dad's birthday fell near Thanksgiving, our family has always really celebrated Thanksgiving big. As Dad got older, we made it a family reunion almost as important as Christmas.

This year my Dad, who lived to be 100, will not celebrate Thanksgiving with us. He died on October 12th. However, I am thankful that he lived such a full life and died without pain with only a short illness. I am also thankful for what he taught me about living well with faith. He never smoked or drank alcohol and attended church devotedly. 

I found this description of Thanksgiving on the internet. I will paste it here for our students to read. 

Betty Cutts with visiting scholars
Betty and visiting scholars, Nina Yang Wen 杨闻 and Anna Liu 刘蕴娜 , carving our Thanksgiving turkey
"Thanksgiving Day has been an annual holiday in the United Statessince 1863. Many people trace the origins of the modern Thanksgiving Day to the harvest celebration that the Pilgrims held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. However, their first true thanksgiving was in 1623, when they gave thanks for rain that ended a drought. 

In the second half of the 1600s, thanksgivings after the harvest became more common and started to become annual events. George Washington, the first president of the United States, proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving Day in 1789. " link to Thanksgiving page. 

Cindy Cutts and Rachel Cutts are great cooks
Cindy Cutts and Rachel Cutts 
are great Thanksgiving cooks.
I am also thankful for our daughters-in-laws, Cindy and Rachel, sons, Ross and Matt, grandchildren, Josiah and Ellie, and my husband David Cutts.

I am also thankful for our Chinese Blessing Hands family. I get so many letters of thanksgiving from our Blessing Hands students this time of year. I am glad that they are learning the custom of offering thanks for the blessings they have received. It will always be a day for me to thank God.
 Happy Thanksgiving,
Ross and Matt clean up after Thanksgiving
Ross and Matt clean up after the
 big Thanksgiving dinner
 Betty Cutts

Dad and Matt with turkey
My Dad, James Daniell, 
and Matt Cutts with the 
Thanksgiving turkey
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Blessing Hands
New Fall Activities and Students
Linwang School gets School Supplies.
We have taken this little one room school to sponsor with school supplies and extra needs. They are helped by Lexington Chinese Christian Church's Vacation Bible School and cash jars that we place in Chinese Restaurants. These Yao minority kids are located in Longfu Township in the County of Du'an in the Guangxi Province of China. There are about fifty kids in this remote village.

Wei Senbao also lives in this village. We are still waiting for a doctor's appointment for him. The latest estimate of the cost of his care is $31,696 (200,000 yuan). That does not include the travel and other expenses. This is a fund raising opportunity that will require a lot of us working together.
Ling Wang students receive textbooks bought by Blessing Hands
Linwang students receive textbooks bought by Blessing Hands
Workbooks and school supplies received
Workbooks and school supplies received
Ling Wang students receive textbooks bought by Blessing Hands
Dr. Dai (on the right) from Longfu Hospital helps Blessing Hands with this project
Ling Wang students receive textbooks bought by Blessing Hands
Linwang School

New Students in Pubei Available to Sponsors
Song Xiaohong
Song Xiaohong -seven in farm family, mother sick and father older. Married brother is only worker.

These new students in Pubei need $160 a year in tuition to be able to go to high school. They have tested into the best high school in Pubei and need help to continue their studies. We can now feature them for you to pick as sponsor.

Please pick a student to sponsor. Link to give Change a student's life with just $160.
Su Wenxia
Su Wenxia - five in farm family, three students, father ill but works anyway.
Bao Chengzheng
Bao Chengzheng - father died April 2012, three in farm family, two in school
Ruan Xueqin
Ruan Xueqin - four in farm family, brother in university with high expenses
Xiang Hanlin
Xiang Hanlin - Four in farm family, sick mother, sister in school also.
Li Chunyi
Li Chunyi - Five in farm family, three girls, father out of work.
Ning Xueyu
Ning Xueyu - six in farm family, four are students

Philippine students enjoy food given by Blessing Hands.
Philippine students enjoy food given by Blessing Hands.
These students in the Philippines recently enjoyed food provided by the Hill Family and Blessing Hands. The Hills have seven boys who enjoy participating with drama, stories, music and gift giving when the family visits schools and poor neighborhoods.
The Hill boys got to give school supplies to the kids.
The Hill boys got to give school supplies to the kids.
The kids got school supplies and enjoyed the stories the family told through drama and songs. Even the little Hill kids got to participate. Their mother was expecting her eighth child, a girl, but she came along and participated too.

The Hill boys dramatized their stories.
The Hill boys dramatized their stories.

We have also added more students at An long High School in a Buyi area of Guizhou Province. They already have sponsors. We are pleased to be helping this minority group and intend to give four primary schools in this area water purifiers next summer. East Oldham Middle School personnel will install the purifiers.

Our next newsletter will feature a new location that we are entering in Yunnan Province. Blessing Hands is expanding now to that province. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. You have changed many lives. It is a pleasure to work with you.

You can send your checks to the address below.

Betty Cutts

Betty Cutts Blessing Hands
106 Timber Lane
Morehead, KY 40351


Friday, August 31, 2012

About Xie Tinglin

Xie Tinglin Only Lacks $430 On His Scholarship
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106 Timber Lane
Morehead, Kentucky 40351
 219 232 8887
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin has resigned from his factory job to prepare to go to college on the 9th of September.
He earned 4.33 yuan ($.68) an hour, but 1200 yuan ($188) a month for a few summer months isn't enough to pay his tuition. $220 has been given toward his $650 scholarship, but that isn't enough to pay his tuition either. He needs $430 more at least.

He asked to be interviewed online, because he was working away from his school. He is determined to go to college. Because he is 21, I think he repeated his senior year last year in order to make a better college entrance score to enter an excellent school, Guangxi College of Finance and Economics. He will study personnel management. His national score is 532.
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin Interviewed by Internet

All of our 15 students who applied for college scholarships this year now have scholarships except Xie Tinglin. Some of them had long-time sponsors and others were helped by sponsors who took new college students after their old ones graduated last spring. Some new sponsors also stepped forward.

We have helped 98 students go to college since 2006. Some are teachers, lawyers, game designers, and office workers.

Please help Xie pay his college tuition. His father is 72 and much too old to earn enough money to support him in college for 4 years. You can send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351 or give by credit card at this link.


Betty Cutts, Director of Blessing Hands
Great Water News 
East Oldham Middle School is Partnering with Blessing Hands for Water Purifiers

Dennis Mangum
Dennis Mangum
Kids at three Yangshuo Primary Schools will be able to have pure water by next fall. East Oldham Middle School in Kentucky is teaching their students service learning while providing water purifiers for many primary kids. The school's students will be raising money for three water purifiers. The Oldham County Education Department will send Dennis Mangum and other East Oldham Middle School staff members to Yangshuo to install them. They will bring the purifiers, tubing, connections and faucets but will have to buy stainless steel tanks and maybe a few other items locally. 

The school has been doing these service projects in Haiti for a few years, but now they are heading to our part of China. I met with them and saw their lovely modern school. They are really teaching their students a lesson they will never forget and making a lasting impression on schools and students both here and abroad. 

East Oldham students will be studying about China all year in various classes and maybe sending letters or paintings to the school. I gave them many Chinese cultural items that they can use in their classes this year. We gave them photos taken by our Blessing Hands students for an art show. The Oldham students will be able to get a very good idea of what Yangshuo looks like from those pictures. 

Each system will cost approximately $1,500 installed. You can see movies of the three schools at these youtube links below. 

Maybe your school would like to participate in such a service learning project or raise money for a water purifier in the Buyi area of Guizhou Province. Yaya Luo, our Buyi administrator, wants  those minority schools to have pure water too. 

Zhongnan Primary School
Zhongnan Primary School
Fuli Dutou Primary School
Fuli Dutou Primary School
Xiling Primary School Water System
Xiling Primary School
Fuli Dutou Primary School
Fuli Dutou Primary School Needs a water purifier
East Oldham Middle School
East Oldham Middle School
Zhongnan Primary School
Zhongnan Primary School
Xiling Primary School
Xiling Primary School
Blessing Hands is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity that seeks to help people help themselves and others. We give educational aid to students in China and help schools with special projects like libraries and water purification. 946 students have gone through our programs in Yangshuo, Du'an, An Long, and Qinzhou in the last 7 years as of fall 2012.  We have helped 98 students with university scholarships within China.  Your gifts are tax deductible within the USA. 
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good News About Wei Senbao

Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands News

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Wei Senbao
Good news about Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao

A doctor has been found who specializes in the condition that WeiSenbao has had from birth.

This link will show you more about No 9 Hospital in Shanghai whereWei can be treated.

One of our board member's 18 year old daughter, Christina Zhang, has started a campaign to raise the money needed for his medical treatment, transportation, and stay in Shanghai. Mandy Ma, our administrator in Du'an, can travel with him and his mother for his treatment. We are still estimating the expense, but we know it will be much more than the $3,134 we have in a savings account for him. Please give so this little boy have a better quality of life.

Below is a letter from Dr. Ke describing his condition.

It seems it is a cystic lymphangioma, a malformations of the lymphatic system, which is the network of vessels responsible for returning excess fluid from tissues to the venous system. The direct cause of lymphangioma is a blockage of the lymphatic system as a fetus develops, although symptoms may not become visible until after the baby is born.

The prognosis for lymphangioma is generally very good. Surgical removal of the tumor is the typical treatment provided, with the understanding that additional removal procedures will most likely be required as the lymphangioma grows. Most patients need at least two procedures done for the removal process to be achieved.       
We expect a happy ending to Wei's story. We will keep you informed.

Recent movie of Wei Senbao is below.
Wei Senbao 2012
Wei Senbao 2012
Blessing Hands Scholarships
Scholarships Needed for Worthy Students

 Xie Tinglin Worked in a Factory for the Summer
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin is a student who interviewed by Internet, because he is working away from home. He is working in a factory to earn money for college.  We think he must be trying very hard to help himself.
Each month he works 10 hours a day for 30 days making Christmas decorations for the Western market. He gets 4.33 yuan ($.68) an hour. 1200 yuan ($188) a month is his salary. That is why those decorations are so cheap. 
His tuition at Guangxi University of Finance and Economics is 3600 yuan ($565). He has succeeded in getting admitted, and we would like to see him have a $650 scholarship to attend. He will be studying employment management. His scholarship essay is below.
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin interveiwed online
My name is Xie Tinglin. I am a 21 year old boy who just graduated for Xinzhou High School in Lingshan County of Qinzhou Prefecture in the Guangxi Province of China. I am a child of a poor family because my parents are farmers. My father is 72 years old now, and he always gets sick because of hard work. He wants to go to the doctor, but it cost much money, so he can't.

The income of my family is low, so I didn't have the money to pay for my study in my high school years. Thanks to Blessing Hands' help, I was able to finish my study and now I am applying for a college scholarship. I want to go to the Guangxi University of Finance and Economics. I know I can find a good job easily if I study hard. It cost much more money for college, so I also need your help. Thank you very much if you can give me a hand.

Someday I hope I can find a good job and make money to support my parents who I love. Of course what is most important is to pay back my favor by helping other people who need help and express love without expecting any return like Blessing Hands does.

Thank you,
Xie Tinglin
He and his teacher made a short video that is only one second. He is from a rural school. 
Xie Tinglin has sent a video to apply for a scholarship.
Xie Tinglin has sent a video to apply for a scholarship.

Huang Juanxia Has Received $675 Toward her Scholarship
Huang Juanxia
Huang Juanxia

$675 has been received for Juanxia. She will be able to start college on the 7th of September with confidence. 

Water Purification
We have great news about a new water purification project for Yangshuo, but that will have to wait for another newsletter.

Thanks for all your support and care for our Chinese students.


Betty Cutts, Director of Blessing Hands