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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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Tell US Your Story

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 Children and Families Awards 2012 
Betty Cutts
Betty Cutts, Founder- Driector of Blessing Hands
We are seven years old this month! We have helped 937 students stay in school in these years.  
GreatNonprofits in partnership with GuideStar.com is hunting for nonprofits to recognize and promote. The awards will identify top-rated nonprofits working to support children and families. If we have at least 10 positive reviews (4 or 5 stars) by June 30, 2012, we will receive exposure to potential donors and supporters via the GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Children and Families Nonprofits List. 
If you love our work, then tell the world! You have an opportunity to help Blessing Hands make even more of a difference in many lives. 
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Below you will read one heart warming story that encourages me to keep helping children.
Betty Cutts, Director of Blessing Hands       Gray
Xu Family
Xu Family
Thank You Letter that 
Blessed a Family

  I am one of the students sponsored by Blessing Hands. My name is Xu Liangxiu, and I am in grade 6 in Dutou Primary School.

  I am a kid in the countryside, and my family is very poor, so my father has to do a part-time job outside our hometown. I have a younger sister who studies in the same school. Father does not come back home except in the Spring Festival (the most important holiday in China), so it is my mother who takes care of me and my sister.

 My family lives in Ti Mountain, about 3 miles away from the school. Every day, we go to school on foot, and my sister carries a used school bag passed down from me. After school, I have to return home right away to help my mom with housework. Because there is something wrong with my mom's leg, I will cut firewood in the mountain during the holidays to support my family.

  Thanks to your help, our living conditions have improved. I bought a bicycle, which became a very convenient tool from and to school. I also bought a new school bag and some writing material for my sister. I wanted to buy some medicine to relieve my mother's pain in her leg, but she refused in order to make us live a better life.

  The money you donated helps us a lot. I will keep your love in my heart forever.

Thank you!

Xu Liangxiu    

Grade awards paper the wall
The family eating lunch under Liangxiu's grade awards that paper their wall.
As soon as I got this thank you letter I mailed it to Xu Liangxiu's sponsor, who has adopted a Chinese daughter of her own about the same age as Liangxiu. The sponsor, who remains anonymous,  
was so touched by the letter that she called me immediately to come get a larger donation for the family. She was especially concerned that the mother should get any medicine she needed. 

I told our administrator in Yangshuo, Yaya Luo, the good news.  She knew just how to give the large donation to the family. She opened a bank account in their name and contacted the family. The father had come home to work closer to his family. He invited Yaya to their home, and she was able to teach them how to access the bank money when needed and take photos of the family. The mother had been stricken by a stoke several years ago but has slowly regained some of her abilities.  
When I got the photos, I took them immediately to her sponsor's family. We rejoiced together on seeing how much good was being done for a worthy family.  Yaya was blessed too.  Her words are below. 
       "They felt very surprised and happy when they got the gifts. Thank you for all of you. Thank you for your help. I was touched from you and her family. Thank you for giving me this chance to experience this special time. "                  
Hill Family
Steve and Jill Hill Family
Philippine Children
Receive Love and Food
  Recently Blessing Hands had an opportunity to help children through a $1,000 grant to the Steve and Jill Hill family. They have seven sons all under 13 years old.  I have known Jill all her life. When she moved to the Philippines, I told her to find some children to help and Blessing Hands would fund her outreach.
  Steve and Jill provided breakfast and supper to four different neighborhoods in Manila. The students who came were given notebooks, pencils, and paper.  I will let Jill tell about it in her own words. 

  "We really love what we're getting to do here!  One of the highlights for us so far was an outreach we held just two weeks ago.  We were given funding through Blessing Hands charity in Kentucky to minister to the children here. So we contacted Pastor Esther Sanchez who Steve had met at a Dunamis School training last fall.  She helps children in her area and has wanted to do a bigger outreach, but didn't have the means to do so. .... So, we went to feed 91 children breakfast and the boys shared a skit about David and Goliath.  Sitting in that room with all those sweet brown faces just 
Our family introducing ourselves at the supper outreach
The family Introduced Themselves at the Supper for 150 People
Judah with Food
Judah Jelped Give Out Food
made me well up with tears.
Judah with Food
Yisaac Passed Out Suckers!
Steve Hill at the Breakfast event
Steve Hill at the 
Breakfast Event

Yangshuo Town Lower Middle School
Our camp will be at Yangshuo Town
 Lower Middle School
Friendship Camp in Yangshuo

Camp plans are coming along great. We have 22 volunteers coming to teach and translate. The camp will start on Sunday July 22nd and end on Saturday the 28th. 
Yangshuo Town Lower Middle School has offered their facilities. The campers will do service projects like painting a mural. They will also enjoy a bicycle treasure hunt, learn to square dance and Zumba, and study personal development and English culture.  
About half of our Blessing Hands students have sponsors who have sent $50 to support their campers. We still have 23 more campers who need support. Remember how much fun camps are. Help our kids have that memory. 
Please give $50 for a student's camp expenses by clicking this link. 
You are such great folks and a blessing to all our students.  Please tell others about how Blessing Hands has blessed you, your family, or your sponsored student. Give us a 7th birthday gift.  I would love to read your comments, and it would help Blessing Hands be listed on the Children and Families Award List for 2012.  It only takes a few minutes. 

Sincerely,                             Go to this link to tell your story.

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