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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Success as a Charity

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Give Here for Wei Senbao's Medical Care.
Wei Senbao and his mom with Mandy Ma
Wei Senbao and His Mom with Mandy Ma.

Blessing Hands is excited by two recent events. We feel that we are fulfilling our purpose as a charity.
First, Wei Senbao is on his way to treatment in Shanghai. You can give to him here.
Second, one of our former Blessing Hands students has offered to sponsor a high school student himself. 

Wei Senbao'sTreatment

Treatment has Started 
Wei and his Mom
Wei and his mother came to Nanning in the hospital's van that we helped buy. 
Wei Senbao韦森宝 is inShanghai. He and his mother and Mandy Ma took the train for the long ride on March 5th. Wei's mother will stay in a $8 place near the hospital where other relatives of patients stay. 

We have raised. $6,462 USD (40,258 Yuan) so far. That is enough for travel, food, initial tests, and a place for them to stay near the hospital. We have spent $336 USD (2092 yuan) so far to get them to Shanghai.

Wei is also being featured on the website of "A Life at a Time" Charity. This is the link. It is a Chinese charity's website that helps children with medical problems. He is featured only in the Chinese version, but you can translate the page with Google translate. They are raising money for him too.  You can also give at our website  link.

Mandy will be saving receipts to document every expense.  Wei has a right to partial repayment of his expenses for medical treatment because of the insurance paid by rural farmers. Insurance is great to have, but sometimes it can be a problem to receive even in Western Countries. He could be reimbursed up to 60%.
Eating fruit on the train
Eating fruit on the train

Mandy Ma 马榕蔓 on the left is escorting Wei Senbao and his Mom to Shanghai. 

The Chinese medical system lets patients be responsible for their own medical records. There are no appointment times for patients. Patients just show up and wait to see the doctor. They asked us to send a family member with Wei in case he needs a blood transfusion from a relative.

We have made some advanced contacts with the hospital, but until he starts tests, we will not know the expenses, which have to be paid in advance.   

Please keep his treatment in mind and remember Wei and his Mom need help. You can give $50 below with Paypal. 


Wei Senbao at the hospital in Shanghai
Wei Senbao at the hospital in Shanghai

Recent news: 

Mandy sent this picture of Wei waiting in the hospital for Ms. Ye, the volunteer from the charity called Angel Mothers. Mr. Wang, a friend of Mandy Ma, met them at the train station and also gave Wei the bag over his shoulder. Everyone is touched by Wei Senbao's need.
They have already given him a MRI and Mandy will get the results soon, but  Dr. Fan can't see him until next Wednesday since they only operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We don't know yet who will be in charge of his treatment and do the actual operation. 

 Mandy has spent 14 yuan (clinic visit fee) + 560 yuan (MRI) = 574 yuan ($92.13 USD) for him so far. Mandy's hotel is costing $25 a night. She is paying for her own food, but we will cover her hotel and return airfare. 

James Li 李振明  Becomes a Blessing Hand
James Li and Betty Cutts
Li Zhenming (James) and Betty Cutts in Hong Kong

Blessing Hands Graduate Wants to Support a High School Student

I was so touched when one of our students, Li Zhenming, who has graduated and found a good job in Shenzhen, wrote to ask if he could sponsor a high school student as he once was sponsored. 

We always hear from our students that they are very grateful for our help, and they will help others when they are able. Now one of our student who has a good job and is two years out of college has contacted us to sponsor another student. We hope others will prosper enough to help others.
Our motto is "Helping people help themselves and others". Now we see one becoming a blessing hand to spread the love. Our scholarships are not loans to be repaid, but we hope the first crop of students will reach back to help those behind them. Wouldn't that be great!  It feels so good to get the concept of "giving is a pleasure" into our charity's roots. 

Amy's Volunteer Service
Huang Tianyan (Amy)
黄天燕 Huang Tianyan (Amy)

Others Give Time Instead of Money

We ask our college scholarship students to give three hours of volunteer service a semester. They have done everything from visiting old folks and cleaning streets to tutoring primary kids. They are making themselves blessing hands to others. Huang Tianyan told about her volunteer work recently. 

Last semester, I met two lovely girls my sister's age when I took a part-time job. They were children who wanted to learn, so I told them to go to my school on the weekend, so I could teach them for free. They told their friends to come with them, so I had seven girls in my own class every weekend. I had to wake up earlier than others to teach, but I felt happy because these girls were enjoying my classes, and we really had a good time with each other.
Huang Tianyan
Blessing Hands is an American 501(c)(3) public charity that helps children with school aid and tuition. Your gifts are fully tax deductible in the USA. We are seven years old now and producing blessings to many people who pass them on. 

You too can give at this link for any project such as Wei Senbao's care, tuitions for students, water purifiers for schools, and libraries for primary schools. 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands

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