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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wei Senbao has Pneumonia

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Wei Senbao Has Pneumonia 
Wei and Mom after their appointment
Wei and His Mom After their Appointment

Wei Can't have his injection yet.
Wei is in the hospital for a week getting over pneumonia. He developed it just before he was to get his treatment to harden hislymphangioma (malformed vessels). He can't take the treatment now until April because his doctor has gone to the US and will not be back until April.
He and his mother will stay until he gets over the pneumonia and the doctor comes back. The hospital  stay is estimated to cost 6,000 yuan ($963) more. There will also be the added expense of room and board while waiting for the doctor to return. However, it is cheaper than them going home and coming back. 
Mandy had already gone home, but the volunteer from the Angel Mother charity is taking good care of Meng and Wei and helping them with the change in plans. 
We will try to keep you up to date as we know what develops. Please remember Wei and his Mom and their needs at this time. 
Betty Cutts, Blessing Hands Director
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