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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wei Has his First Sclerotherapy Treatment

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KY Gives Day is April 24th.
"Money Bomb" Charities

The Morehead News Editor, Keith Kappes, Recently wrote a wonderful editorial about KY Gives Day. You can read it at this link.   He calls it a " Money Bomb".  In light of the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon, you can think of giving as your positive response to terror. 
Ky Gives Day is Wednesday April 24th. Six other nonprofits in Morehead have now signed up. We encourage you to go to the KYGives.org page on the 24th and support nonprofits in Rowan County and Kentucky. 
How to Give on 4/24
  1. Log on to www.kygives.org
  2. Search for a favorite cause or organization. (Blessing Hands)
  3. Donate!
  4. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4.(Give to other Rowan County Charities)
  5. Ask your friends to give too!
Jason Justice
Jason Justice, volunteer helping with Ky Gives Advertisement
If you just can't wait, you can give any amount now atthis link. All proceeds from our participation will go to Wei Senbao's medical fund. 
I want to especially thank Jason Justice who has volunteered his time to design and put up posters about KY Gives Day in Morehead. He also promoted it with a newspaper article. 

Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao
Wei Has Had His 
First  Sclerotherapy Treatment

Wei has had his first treatment.  I looked up sclerotherapy on Wikipedia. You can see it yourself atthis link. 
"It is a procedure used to treat blood vessels or blood vessel malformations (vascular malformations) and also those of the lymphatic system. A medicine is injected into the vessels, which makes them shrink. It is used for children and young adults with vascular or lymphatic malformations. In adults, sclerotherapy is often used to treat spider veins, smaller varicose veins and hemorrhoids."
I have not heard if there were any complications or reactions. I heard it was a simple procedure and he should not have any problems. Instead of going home for 3 months, they have suggested that he and his mom stay in Shanghai for one and a half months at the Children's Hope Foundation. They are now paying 60 yuan ($9.68) a day for room and board to the foundation. It is still cheaper than having them go home and come back for the operation.  The volunteers and doctors feel that he will be better off near the hospital rather than in his small village where medical treatment is far away. They are home sick, but willing to stay for the operation. 

Wei senbao in his village
Wei Senbao in his village
Expense Report on Wei Senbao
I was checking the expenses of Wei and his Mother today from the time that we first sent them to Beijing for medical care and now that they are in Shanghai.  So far we have spent $4,655 for their care and needs during the two medical visits. You wonderful sponsors have given $12,166 for their needs. We now have $7,511 left in his fund with the first operation still to come. $645 has been given in advance for his hospital treatment, so some of the operation should be covered already by that deposit with the hospital. We don't know what is ahead or if he will need more complex care or transfusions. We did get  $50 for one of his cousins' school expenses. The rest of the children still need sponsors for school expenses. 
Give $25 for Wei Senbao's medical needs.  Donate  
Give $50 for the support of his cousins in school. Donate