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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Three Scholarships needed.

Three Yangshuo Scholarship Left!
Scholarship applicants from Yangshuo High School.
Scholarship applicants from Yangshuo High School.  
All of them have scholarship now but three. 
Hoping to Fulfill Students' Dreams?
Wei Yunlan
Wei Yunlan has several small sponsors but she still lack $445.
Help Wei Yunlan 
Study International Business!

22 students applied for new university or college scholarships this year. We have found sponsors for all but four of them. Now we are turning to you for help again. Three of them have part sponsorships but need more to make up their full scholarship.  Wei Yunlan is one of these. 

Yunlan comes from a farming family of six members, including her grandparents. Her younger brother died this year after a long life of struggle against disabilities. Here are her own words from her scholarship essay. 

I have graduated from high school and want to go for more training. I always abided by the school's discipline and chose to have a moral character. I passed the examination to go to a third level college, but the tuition fee is so expensive that I can't afford it. I decided to give up college and go to vocational training school to study international business. 

There were seven people in our family but my little brother had very bad health and died in January of this year. My family is very sad. Now my grandparents, parents, younger sister and me are the only ones left in the family.

My family has always worked on the land for generations. My grandmother always does work at home and breeds chickens or pigs. My grandfather is a cleaning worker. My parents cultivate the land or do short-term hired labor for others. My sister is ten and studies in grade school. My family's income is little. 

I want to continue my study in vocational school but the tuition is expensive. I have to seek help to pay for it. I will try hard to study. My good results will be returned to my parents and society. 

Best Wishes, 
Wei Yunlan 

Give any amount at this link for her tuition.  She still needs $445 USD.
Donate   Give $445 through Paypal with you debit card. 

Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Give a dream. 
Wei Yunlan
Wei Yunlan
Qin Zhangmei
Qin Zhangmei (Helen)
will study medicine
 for 3 years.
Will Helen Go to College? 

It's up to you to determine if Helen (Qin Zhangmei) will go to Guangxi College of Chinese Medicine for three years to study to be a doctor. She says she wants to help more people with her medical training. She needs a co-sponsor to match the funds of her long time sponsor.  Her own words are pasted here.  She wrote them in English for several pages. 
My Chinese name is Qin Zhangmei, and my English name is Helen. I'm a girl with long hair and 158 cm tall. I was born in a small but beautiful village in 1992. I belong to the nation of Han people. I like sports such as basketball and volleyball. If I have free time, I often listen to music. My English is just "so so". I plan to study it for myself over the summer. while I am working at a restaurant. I also plan to spend some time learning classical music to make my life more colorful. 
During high school I learned how to do well by myself and how to be kind to other people. I was very happy, because I had many classmates and friends.  I worked hard in my studies and got good results. My family was proud of me when I got many prizes in lower middle school. 
I would appreciate your help because my family is poor and doesn't have enough to pay for me to go to college. Without Blessing Hands' help, I would not have finished high school. I thank them for letting me have a very happy time in school. I want to go to college to learn more knowledge and improve myself. I also can change my family and make my family have a good life. I also want to do my best to let more people have a good life in the future. 
My mother is a deaf mute. She can not make a living by herself. My father has to do the work in the family. My brother is in the army and has no time at home to help. 
I know my ability is not the best, but I believe after hard work I can do well and be worth something to myself. I will overcome my short comings. 
My father said, " If you want to change yourself, you must do well in everything and learn more knowledge. Go to college so you can learn many things to make your life more colorful. If you only have more knowledge, you can change your life and reduce my shoulder burden. When that day comes, I will be proud of you."  I still remember my father's words. 
If I can go to college, I plan to work during the holidays to earn money to reduce my father's shoulder burden. I am writing this letter in hopes that I will get a scholarship and reduce my families' shoulder burden. If I get a scholarship, I will use it wisely and not spend it on unimportant things. I will use it for the most worthwhile things. Please consider my application for a scholarship. 
You can give any amount to Helen at this link. 
Donate Give $325 (half a scholarship) to Qin Zhangmei

You can send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

 Help her expand her reach and help others. 
Qin Zhongmei
Qin Zhangmei
Li Haiyan will study gardening technology.
Li Haiyan (Lucy) will study gardening technology.
Invest in Lucy 's life.

Li Haiyan (Lucy) has a disabled brother who requires a lot of care. She has been accepted into a 3 year program to learn gardening technology.  She needs a co-sponsor to help her with her tuition . We are asking $650 for her. Perhaps co-sponsors will get together to help her. Below is her essay saying why she needs a scholarship.

My name is Li Haiyan. I will enter the university to continue my education. I really want to apply for this scholarship. 

First my family life is very difficult with no economic source from my mother. She is burdened with the care of my disabled brother. He is unable to do anything and can not take care of himself. He can not do housework or help do other things. My mother spends her days to take care of my brother. 

My grandfather is 80 years old, and his body is weak. Sometimes he is sick. My father works away from home, and we don't see him for years at a time. It was my mother who raised the whole family. 

I will accept whatever major a college offers me, because I can't afford to repeat my senior year and make a better national score. It will give my family a headache. 

I will be grateful if you will give me this opportunity.

Best wishes, 

Give half a scholarship of $325 to Li Haiyan. 

Invest in Haiyan's life and help a whole family. Give any amount at this 
Li Haiyan
Li Haiyan will study gardening technology. 

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Our motto is to help people who will help themselves and others. These three girls are definitely in need and understand how others need help too. They need to give their tuitions to their schools soon. Please help them help themselves and their families. 


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