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Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Three Minute Video that Makes You Cry 

This video shows a Chinese man giving to those he meets each day and the results of his generosity. 

 A Few More Wheelchairs Needed to Reach our Goal!
Ky Gives Day was a success with enough money raised on and off line to buy 92 wheelchairs. We will be giving these chairs to handicapped people in Du'an County, Guangxi Province onJuly 3rd. We still need more chairs at $90 each. Because they are made in China, we get a special rate. You can give at our website or send a check to:

Blessing Hands 
106 Timber Lane
Morehead, KY 40351

The Wheelchair Foundation, working with the China Disabled Person's Federation (CDPF), will select the chairs according to the needs of each person to receive them. We will have a dedication ceremony in Du'an County and meet many of the people, who get the chairs. The Du'an County Tourism Bureau will also assist us in this project. At least four donors will also be there to see the chairs received.

We thank everyone who gave chairs, especially Lexington Chinese Christian Church, whose members took this cause to their hearts. One leader offered to match the donations of other members and stirred them up to give.  Thank you all for blessing these handicapped people. 
Two New Water Purifiers Installed
 You can see more pictures by clicking on the photos in this newsletter. 
water purifier team
Jian Gao 高健 (2nd from left) with 
Tingxi Primary 亭西小学 School leaders 

True to his word, Jian Gao 高健 has returned to Guizhou Province to install water purifiers at two more primary schools, Tingxi 亭西 and Wanfenghu. He has also found three more schools near his home in Kunming that need water purifiers. He is taking the initiative to make sure these schools are helped too.  

A donor has given $500 for a fourth water purifier. If you want to help too, click on this link to raise the other $600 needed. That would make four new water projects come true this summer. If you are traveling to Kunming soon and can carry a 15 pound water purifier in your suitcase, please let us know
 Yao School Story
Children helping children
Lin Wang Received school supplies
School supplies given to Lin Wang 
Primary School 林旺学

Our Blessing Hands college intern hiked two hours to this school in 2010. This group of volunteers found Wei Senbao韦森宝 with a deformed lymphatic mass on the side of his neck from a birth defect. Lin Wang School 林旺 was isolatedthen. Four years later the school has a new road, school building, and a nutrition program that pays for their lunches. These are all government improvements. 

Before Picture of Wei
Before picture of Wei. Senbao 
Wei Senbao 韦森宝 after his operations
    Wei Senbao       韦森宝 after his operations
During these same years Blessing Hands raised the money for Wei Senbao's 韦森宝 operations to correct his birth defect sending him to Shanghai for medical treatment. He is now doing very well, but he will have another operation when he is older. We also began to find sponsors for Wei's four orphaned cousins and his family in general. Money was raised by Vacation Bible Schools and coin jars in Chinese restaurants to fund school supplies for the whole school. 

Now a Nanning City primary school, Minle Primary School, with 1200 students has become involved with Lin Wang 林旺学 and another Yao minority school in Du'an County  The assistant principal of Minle, Xiaoling Mai 麦晓玲, has lead a campaign to help Chong Ye 崇业小学 and Lin Wang Primary School.
Xiaoling Mai giving out shoes and clothes to the Lin Wang Students
Xiaoling Mai gave shoes and clothes to the Lin Wang kids.
Xiaoling 麦晓玲 and her sister Xiaojuan Mai 麦小娟 visited Lin Wang with us this winter to measure the kids for shoes and clothes. She was so touched by their need that she gathered her friends and relatives to come back within a week to give the kids socks, shoes, coats, and other items. 

She also arranged for her school to adopt Chong Ye Primary School 崇业小学. The two schools will be cooperating with teacher training, school supplies and other projects. You can see a video of Minle students visiting their sister school at this link from Chinese TV.

Xiaojuan Mai 麦 小娟 is a doctor and is arranging for a dental clinic in Du'an on July 2nd. Volunteers will check the student's teeth and teach dental hygiene. They are asking for donations of tooth brushes and paste. Contact us if you want to donate items. I am delighted by the changes in these Yao schools and the rise of volunteers and donations from Chinese people. 
Thanks so much to everyone, 

Betty Cutts

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