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Friday, April 11, 2014

Trademark Application

Good News

We are applying for trademark protection for our name

 "Blessing Hands" and for our logo. 

     We have used our present logo since 2009.  Now we plan to trademark it. It was created for us by a Morehead State University art student.  We have the pro bono assistance of two graduate law students from Vanderbilt Universities' Legal Clinic to help us register our official trademarks. 
     We decided to do this after someone from another country used Facebook to claim they worked for us and put our logo on their page. I made a search of the registered trademarks and found no other use of Blessing Hands. It never occurred to me to do that before, and I was relieved to find that we are unique in our name. The trademark of the words "Blessing Hands" will also work for the Chinese translation which is Zhufuzhishou in pinyin (Romanized Chinese) or "祝福之手" in written characters.
    I never really thought about how unique our charity's name is. It carries the meaning of good fortune in Chinese and also the idea of being a blessing hand to others. 福 (Fu) means fortune in Chinese. 福 is featured in every Chinese restaurant during Chinese New Year as a kind of blessing or luck wish.  
   So blessings to you and may you have good fortune. We already know it is more blessed to give than receive. 

Betty Cutts