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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kroger plus card

Subject: $329.47 Given Through Kroger Plus Cards
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Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands
December 17, 2014
Great News!
Kroger Rewards Results
Help our students
Help our students
Kroger will be sending a check for $329.47 to Blessing Hands. (18 households) who shopped at Kroger between 09/01/2014 and 11/30/2014 (Cycle 1, Qtr 1) have contributed to our $329.47 total donation. If you are in Kentucky, you can help our kids by simply shopping at Kroger's.

This is free to you and I when we associate our Kroger Plus rewards card with Blessing Hands. Don't forget to link to our organization on the Kroger site. The more our supporters shop with Kroger, the more money our organization will earn!

Go to this Kroger Link to associate your Kroger plus card with Blessing Hands. If you don't have a Kroger Plus card you can sign up for one and save every time you shop. It cost you nothing and has given us $329.47 this quarter. It does not affect your Kroger Credit Card Rewards. 
Give Help to a Primary Chinese Child this Christmas
Yangshuo Child needing a sponsor
Yangshuo Child needing a sponsor

Primary children in the Yangshuo and Liuzhou area of China need sponsorship for school. Put a Chinese child on your Christmas list. Only 7 days until Christmas.

 Please to go this website for more information.

DONATE NOW   Sponsor a Primary Child with a partial sponsorship for a year for $84. 

There is still time to give to our Primary program this Christmas. 

Betty Cutts