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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Year of the Lamb

We wish you a year of
Blessings & Good Health 
     Blessing Hands is delighted to see the Year of the Lamb come and hopes you will be lead into abundance in everything in the New Year. 

     To our friends and supporters, we say thank you for 10 years of being blessing hands helping Chinese students succeed in their goals and lives.

      To our students, we say you are truly blessing hands spreading love to those you interact with everyday. We ask you to continue to lead others by your example. 
Xinzhou High School Students
Xinzhou High School Students 
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Lin Wang School in Yao Minority Area
Lin Wang School in Yao Minority Area
Blessing to all of you, 

Betty Cutts
Founder and Director of Blessing Hands Charity

HAPPY 2015
Year of the Lamb
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