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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

College Dreams

Our first three featured students now have scholarship sponsors.  
Their dreams have come true.  We are featuring two more girls  with dreams.  

You can give the gift of success!

Chen Jialing Wants to Be an Accountant
She Presents Her own Case in English.
Chen Jialing Presents Her Need in English. Hear Her Own Words.
Chen Jialing Presents Her Need. Hear Her Own Words.
Chen Jialing  is from Yangshuo High School
Chen Jialing

Chen Jialing needs your help.
Chen Jialing needs
your help.
"There are five people in my family. My grandmother is about 79 years old, and she can't work now. My father is a farmer who works day and night to offer me and my sister life. Unfortunately, my mother suffered a traffic accident last year. She is a farmer too. My little sister is only 11 and good at studying. 

I have a heart disease and had an operation last summer. It cost too much, and it is difficult for my family to live, but I still love life. It was difficult to study last summer for the college entrance exam because of my operation, but I scored well (498) and want to be an accountant. 

I believe that if I can gather help, I could study well, and reward those who help me."

Chen Jialing

Chen Jialing was given a second chance with the heart operation she had last summer. Now she needs to do something with the life returned to her. Help her to succeed as an accountant. 

Pick your donation for Chen Jialing at this link.  She needs a $650 scholarship, but you can give any amount to help her. 

You can also send checks to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351

Will Zeng Aihua get a Scholarship?

Zeng Aihua
Zeng Aihua

Zeng Aihua Nicknamed Herself Dreaming

Dreaming of Becoming a Doctor or Teacher
"One year ago my father died from a illness and my trouble began. My mother and father were already divorced, and I live now with my 8 year old brother and 83 year old grandmother. She cannot take care of herself, so I have to take care of her at home. We have no income and depend only on government help of 300 yuan every month. It is not enough for life and study. I try my best to make the best use of it. Fortunately, Blessing Hands gave me help to graduate from high school, and I thank you very much. 

I made a good score on my college entrance exam, and now I am dreaming of my college life. I am afraid my college dream will be difficult for me complete, but I will never give up. I want to be a doctor. I want to try my best to help others in the future. I would appreciate it if you would give me a hand." 

Zeng Aihua

Aihua (Dreaming) has only her brother and grandmother in her family now. Her father  was
Zeng Aihua with Betty Cutts
Zeng Aihua with Betty Cutts
paralyzed from an accident and was in bed for awhile before he died. They spent a lot of money on his treatment. Her parents divorced last year before his death.   She says in her video that they are very, very poor. 

Without our help she would not have finished high school. She is a very good student and will work hard to fulfill her dreams. She was accepted by Guangxi Teacher Education University, a four year university in Nanning. She will not be a doctor, but she can be an elementary teacher and still help others.  Help her dream of a college education come true.

Give any amount for her $650 scholarship

Send checks to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351
College Scholarship Are a Valuable Investment.
$650 will completely change a life.

Love Will Make a Way

Betty Cutts 
Founder and Director of Blessing Hands