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Friday, March 02, 2007

Qinzhou Teachers Receive Books

In Qinzhou, where we have 180 Blessing Hands senior middle school students, most of the students could come right to No. 1 Middle School, since Qinzhou is a city with many senior middle schools. These students are rural children who come to board in the city to get a high school education. They go to school until they are 18 hoping to go on to college after three years. Right after the Ingathering they went home for the New Year Holiday on public buses.

Here one of the volunteer teachers who escorted a group of students to the meeting is receiving books for her students. Many of you have sent used English books by M-Bags at the US Post Office. They can be sent for a $1 a pound up to 60 pounds after the first 6 pounds. It takes three months for them to arrive, but it is the cheapest way to go. They were thrilled to get the books. Keep them coming. I get them as donations or buy them at yard sales.
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