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Friday, March 02, 2007

Yangshuo Ingathering

In Yangshuo we were able to meet many of the high school students at an Ingathering Day. They put on a wonderful show for us complete with singing, playing Chinese instruments, dancing, and speeches. Each senior middle school's Blessing Hands students presented something they must have practiced for sometime. Mr Xu the Vice Mayor of Yangshuo gave a wonderful speech. He used to be head of the Education Department, so he knew most of the students. Malan Cai was a wonderful translator for us and made the small speeches Nina and I gave special for us.

We have 83 senior middle school students in Yangshuo and 73 lower middle school students. I think all of them were there that day at the Yangshuo Experimental Middle School of Foreign Studies to meet and greet us. The primary students number 104, but only the ones in town were able to come.
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