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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Pick Me!" Second Day

Pick a Primary Student

26 primary kids have sponsors now! The president of Morehead State University, Dr. Wayne Andrews, even came by our table and selected a primary boy to support. We only have 18 primary students who still need sponsors at $20 a year.

Two commitments and a pledge came in by internet. Anny in Taiwan sent in money for a primary child by pay pal. You far flung friends can take part in our “Pick Me!” event also. You can make a pledge if you don’t have the money now. Just e-mail us at Blessinghands@gmail.com.
One person didn’t want to get involved with letter writing or know the students, but they wanted to help. If you don’t want to commit yourself to a student, you can contribute to the general fund that supports students without sponsors.

These are new supporters we have not had before. We have 53 new pen pal matches as well - some by e-mail and others by slow mail. The children will be thrilled to get a letter from America. The high school students can’t write e-mail often because of their heavy studies and lack of access to computers, but I love to get e-mail from them. These students were waiting to sign up for a pen pal when we arrived yesterday.

The primary “Pick Me!” poster was created by Nancy Sartor, a local artist. She has done two posters for us in traditional poster style. She has done posters for years and also loves to quilt.

We are also meeting people willing to volunteer. This student offered to do a online Youtube presentation for Blessing Hands. I am getting pictures and music ready for her to edit. Some are interested in teaching English in China. Teachers offered to tell the clubs they sponsor about our table and encourage them to come see our exhibit.

You can forward this to people you think might be interested in our kids. Just click forward at the bottom of these e-mails. Help us reach more people interested in helping students in China.

You can view kids who don't have sponsors yet at the following links.

Yangshuo High School Students without sponsors:

Primary kids are being featured today. Pick one!

Betty Cutts

Xu Lijuan