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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blessing Hands Introduces Sunday Liu

Sunday needs a scholarship to college

There is a movie of Sunday you can view below.

My family name is Liu. My English name is Sunday. I feel very lucky that you can help me. I feel grateful for your help and support very much. Now I will become an university student, but my family is poor.

I come from a small village. There are five people in my family. They are my mother, my two sisters and my brother. My brother is studying in a university. My elder sister has been ill for several years. My father passed away three years ago, and my mother is old. My poor family has few fields. It is impossible for my mother to make enough money for the expense of my college and support the whole family. I don't have enough money to help myself to finish my college, and by myself, I could not afford the tuition. I am so urged to catch the chance to have further teaching. So I am applying for the Blessing Hands scholarship to complete my college degree. It can help my dream come true. If my application passes, I will do my best to create my future.

I have been a member of Blessing Hands for two years. I am so thankful that I can become one of the Blessing Hands students. With the help of Blessing Hands, I can smoothly finish my studies. I appreciate Blessing Hands so much. I have a strong feeling toward their love, which can travel through countries and regions. I will always remember the Blessing Hands' spirit, and try my best to help others. It is true that the process of spreading love is more happiness than acceptance of love.

Although I am from a poor family and helping others with money is beyond my power, I will always try my best to help others in as many other ways as possible. I believe that someday I can do more to help others. Helping others is a long journey; I will take the journey all my life. I will also continue to spread warm love and with my benevolence pass our Blessing Hands ideals on to others. Let each person be immersed in the ocean which loves the world. Thank you Blessing Hands!

Liu (Sunday)

Student ID: 76
National Score: 522

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Ruan still does not have a sponsor. You can see more pictures of him at this link.
Ruan has a very high National Score and an excellent application score from our scholarship committee. Fulfill his long time dream and help him go to college. He wants to teach accounting someday.

Sunday's Movie