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Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Blessing Hands News

Pizza Hut Promotion

Pizza Hut Promotion brought in $78.Blessing Hands wants to thank Chi Omega Sorority and Sigma Pi Fraternity for their great help with this event. Samantha Crist and Johnathan Thornsberry also gave out vouchers on campus. Next Tuesday the 29th, Pizza Hut will do it again, and even more may come in. Remember that you can even give a voucher for take out. Have a party to celebrate the new semester next Tuesday and let it count for Blessing Hands. We get 20% of every sale that a voucher is presented with. Pizza Hut has also let us put our brochures at their cash register for the next week. Morehead has great people.

China Trip

I will be going to China on September 23rd for 17 days to personally visit our programs in Yangshuo and Qinzhou. Sometimes people wonder if the support gets to the students. I try to meet each student personally and set a standard of integrity for Blessing Hands. I feel good that we are teaching them to be Blessing Hands and setting an example of charity and volunteerism.

We will have two gatherings of students where we will take photos, enjoy a program, give out tuitions publicly, and gather pen pal and thank you letters.I also plan to take some movie footage this time to make into a movie about Blessing Hands. You may see more of us on youtube. I always travel at my own expense, and my translators are volunteers. We have great friends and support in China. Missy Peace from Pennsylvania will travel with me this time.

Yard Sale was a Success

Our last yard sale brought in $730. That is more than one college scholarship. In November, we are planning a silent auction fundraiser in Lexington, KY in cooperation with the Kentucky Chinese American Association. If you have items you will donate for our auction please

Phyllis Nickel and Pam Cooper helping with the yard sale.
We were all so hot in the August sun. Our many volunteers will never forget this sale. The Kentucky Chinese American Association donated many camping items that sold very well. Two university student volunteers, Johnathan Thornsberry and his friend Samantha Crist, stayed with us to the hot end. Carol Rose and many others like Ann Colbert, David Cutts, Carolyn Franzini, and Linda Barker pitched in to help. We could not have done it without them. We also thank Noah's Ark Day Care and Adkinson's Florist for their parking lot with a big shade tree.

Sincerely, Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands