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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pick a College Student to Sponsor

Give Any Amount into Our Scholarship Fund
Henry Huang ID:494-Mechanical Engineer

We have excellent college scholarship applications from our Blessing Hands students in China. We want to feature all the ones who have not gotten scholarship sponsors yet in this post and let you select one to support. You can give $500 for a one year scholarship or you can give any amount with the Google Checkout button to the right of this page.

Li ID: 509-Computers--------- Li ID: 483-Doctor ---------Liang ID:253-Math Teacher

Wu ID:259-Broadcasting--------Pan ID: 293-Physics--------Tao ID: 251-Teacher

Huang ID: 223-Teacher-------------Su ID: 116 -Doctor---------Cheng ID: 261-Teacher

Fu ID: 65-Teacher/Idealogy------ Ruan ID: 100-Accounting--------Wu ID: 481-English

Mo ID: 95-Interpreter -----------Wang ID: 64 -----------------Liu ID: 76 Chinese

Each of them has written a scholarship essay telling why they need money for college and something about themselves and their families. If you want to read their essay, write us at BlessingHands@gmail.com. They are all from families who cannot afford to send them to college and they have all been accepted into colleges.

Just put the amount that you are willing to give into the Google Checkout box.

Lu ID 219-Teacher