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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Liang jianzhen

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I know my family will not be able to
afford the whole expense of college.
Liang Jianzhen always thinks of helping his family.

Liang Jianzhen is a graduate of the best high school in Qinzhou, and his 17 year old brother is there also. His family values education for their sons. His mother is in poor health and often needs medicine. His father is the only one working to support the large family.
In his thank you letter to Blessing Hands he says, " Without your help, it would have been more difficult to finish my study. Maybe I can't stay in the classroom any more. From your help, I get to know the meaning of life, and I will pass the blessing to others in the future."

Jianzhen is accepted by Guangxi Normal University. He plans to major in accounting.
Now, I introduce myself to you.

My name is Liang Jianzhen. I was born in a small village which is far away from Qinzhou, into a farm family with two sisters and a little brother. Because of our poor condition, our family still lives a hard life.
When I was little, my sisters both dropped out of school because my father didn't have enough money for their study, so they had to go to work instead. Before long, they both married workers and had their own families, so they had no ability to support us anymore.
My grandmother is in her eighties and has to stay in bed all day long. So my mother must care for her day and night and cannot do anything else. My brother is just two years younger than me, in other words, he is now a high school student in our school, too. With us brothers both in school, we have to spend much more money.
As a farmer, my father stays at home all year long, planting a little corn and feeding some birds for some money. In this way he can earn a little money, but when it can't cover our whole expense, then my family is in trouble.logo
Sometimes, I would rather drop out of school and do some thing for my family, but I have no choice but to study in school. College life is around the corner, but there is something that I worry about, I know my family will not be able to afford the whole expense of college. I don't know how to do it.
However, I am really eager to go to college, so I really need help for college. If I can go to college, I will devote myself to the cause. I will pass the love of Blessing Hands to others and will have a bright future.

Liang Jianzhen

Score 517 See a Youtube movie introducing Liang Jianzhen.

Help Jianzhen go to college by giving a $500 tuition scholarship with a credit card online. That will pay his tuition for a year. Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY. 4035. We would welcome any amount that you want to give.

Forward this to someone who might be interested in investing in a promising young man with a bright future.

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