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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lu Haidan Wants to Teach

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Lu Haidan's Family is Behind Her All the Way.
College is starting in China
September 2009
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I hope you can give me a hand.
I get their e-mail....

A Brother's Love for His Family

We have heard of sisters sacrificing for brothers, but Lu Haidan's brother is giving up his chance for an excellent high school to save money for his family. Students in China test into high schools as well as colleges. The best students go to the best high schools. Lu Haidan's sixteen year old brother will go to high school this fall, a very expense undertaking, since there is no government tuitions for high school.

However, if a student gives up their chance to attend the best high school they are qualified for and enters a more inferior high school, their tuition is waved and they can also get scholarships. Lu Haiden's brother has done this to save money for his family.

Won't you help Lu Haidan too? She is the one outstanding student chosen from her high school to be a Blessing Hands student. Her Engllogoish name is Angelia. She speaks excellent English. She wants to be a physics or English teacher.

You can see her Youtube video on this page.

Betty Cutts
219 232 8887
Invest in her future

You can give any amount to Angelia through this link.

Checks can be sent to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351

I hope you can give me a hand.

Hello! My name is Lu Haidan. I'm 18 years old and have been a Blessing Hands student for three years. I have learned many things from them, like kindness. I believe that I can pass down love to others who need it.

I lost my father when I was 8 years old. Besides, my mother is a person with a disability who can't work. Fortunately, after my father died, my family got $180 yuan ($26.43 US) for living expenses every month from his working department as he was a worker there before. Also, we got a little financial help from our grandpa, so that my younger brother and I were able to go to school. My mother sent us to my grandpa's home. She hoped we could live a better life there. Mother lives alone. If we have a holiday, we will go home to keep her company. Our neighbors are friendly to us. They often give food to us.

However, my younger brother is going to high school next semester, and I am going to university, too. As he was worried about the burden of heavy financial problems, he decided to go to a subordinate high school. In our town, when a student with a better grade enrolls in an inferior high school, they will not only get their tuition waived totally but also scholarships. Therefore, my younger brother made such a choice.

I did not want his decision to be affected because of me. We have relied on government assistance and on tuition reductions from school since our childhood. Now, I have received admission to college. I have been accepted by a university. My future is not a great university. but I will study hard. My family asked me to test for a post-graduate university later. I am thinking on this issue. I think I should do it, but we cannot say what will be.

In short, I hope I could get your help. Thank you!

I get their e-mail and hear their stories.

I know that we are sending many newsletters in a very short time. College has started in China, and we only have a short window to find sponsors. Please forgive us if you are not interested in the scholarship requests. After the blitz of scholarship stories, we will be back to only a few newsletters a month. If you don't want to read our newsletter at all, please use the safe unsubcribe link at the bottom of this newsletter.

You can help by forwarding their stories to people who might be able to help them. One supporter is getting people interested by showing them the scholarship movies. There is some interest from a biology club. Perhaps you know people who are looking for good investments in people. Please forward this newsletter along to them.

They are all such needy and qualified students. Otherwise we would not be moving mountains to help them.