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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good News About Wei Senbao

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Wei Senbao
Good news about Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao
Wei Senbao

A doctor has been found who specializes in the condition that WeiSenbao has had from birth.

This link will show you more about No 9 Hospital in Shanghai whereWei can be treated.

One of our board member's 18 year old daughter, Christina Zhang, has started a campaign to raise the money needed for his medical treatment, transportation, and stay in Shanghai. Mandy Ma, our administrator in Du'an, can travel with him and his mother for his treatment. We are still estimating the expense, but we know it will be much more than the $3,134 we have in a savings account for him. Please give so this little boy have a better quality of life.

Below is a letter from Dr. Ke describing his condition.

It seems it is a cystic lymphangioma, a malformations of the lymphatic system, which is the network of vessels responsible for returning excess fluid from tissues to the venous system. The direct cause of lymphangioma is a blockage of the lymphatic system as a fetus develops, although symptoms may not become visible until after the baby is born.

The prognosis for lymphangioma is generally very good. Surgical removal of the tumor is the typical treatment provided, with the understanding that additional removal procedures will most likely be required as the lymphangioma grows. Most patients need at least two procedures done for the removal process to be achieved.       
We expect a happy ending to Wei's story. We will keep you informed.

Recent movie of Wei Senbao is below.
Wei Senbao 2012
Wei Senbao 2012
Blessing Hands Scholarships
Scholarships Needed for Worthy Students

 Xie Tinglin Worked in a Factory for the Summer
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin is a student who interviewed by Internet, because he is working away from home. He is working in a factory to earn money for college.  We think he must be trying very hard to help himself.
Each month he works 10 hours a day for 30 days making Christmas decorations for the Western market. He gets 4.33 yuan ($.68) an hour. 1200 yuan ($188) a month is his salary. That is why those decorations are so cheap. 
His tuition at Guangxi University of Finance and Economics is 3600 yuan ($565). He has succeeded in getting admitted, and we would like to see him have a $650 scholarship to attend. He will be studying employment management. His scholarship essay is below.
Xie Tinglin
Xie Tinglin interveiwed online
My name is Xie Tinglin. I am a 21 year old boy who just graduated for Xinzhou High School in Lingshan County of Qinzhou Prefecture in the Guangxi Province of China. I am a child of a poor family because my parents are farmers. My father is 72 years old now, and he always gets sick because of hard work. He wants to go to the doctor, but it cost much money, so he can't.

The income of my family is low, so I didn't have the money to pay for my study in my high school years. Thanks to Blessing Hands' help, I was able to finish my study and now I am applying for a college scholarship. I want to go to the Guangxi University of Finance and Economics. I know I can find a good job easily if I study hard. It cost much more money for college, so I also need your help. Thank you very much if you can give me a hand.

Someday I hope I can find a good job and make money to support my parents who I love. Of course what is most important is to pay back my favor by helping other people who need help and express love without expecting any return like Blessing Hands does.

Thank you,
Xie Tinglin
He and his teacher made a short video that is only one second. He is from a rural school. 
Xie Tinglin has sent a video to apply for a scholarship.
Xie Tinglin has sent a video to apply for a scholarship.

Huang Juanxia Has Received $675 Toward her Scholarship
Huang Juanxia
Huang Juanxia

$675 has been received for Juanxia. She will be able to start college on the 7th of September with confidence. 

Water Purification
We have great news about a new water purification project for Yangshuo, but that will have to wait for another newsletter.

Thanks for all your support and care for our Chinese students.


Betty Cutts, Director of Blessing Hands