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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas During this Season of Giving and Blessings. 
Fang BaoLong at Lingchuan ____High School puts her thumb print on the school receipt list.
Fan Baolong 
范宝龙 at Lingchuan 灵川High School receives tuition.
Why Go to China in November?

I got to visit our high school students in Qinzhou 钦州, Du'an 都安, Lingchuan 灵川, Yangshuo 阳朔, and Chibi 赤壁 during my November China trip. We opened two new high schools.

We are asking donors to give online to our @GoodGiving Challenge before December 31st. This will help us add 35 new high school students. You can give securely online at this link if you are not in China. 

Yangshuo Students
Yangshuo Students
It was great to meet all the 160 Qinzhou____students in person. Click to see more pictures._
It was great to meet all the 160 Qinzhou 钦州 students in person. Click to see more pictures.
Six students in Chibi 赤壁 need sponsors.
Wang Zhanglian is from Chibi.
Wang Zhanglian is from Chibi.
The kids were excited about new shoes.
The kids were excited about their new shoes.  
Longfu Primary Schools get Socks and Shoes. 

We helped three small primary schools in Longfu Township with school supplies, shoes, and other needs. Click on the photo to see more pictures of these Yao Minority Schools.

Watch on Youku.com.


 Click photos to see more pictures.

Blind students are learning to use computers.
Computers Installed

The Du'an Special Education School has their laptops installed. We wanted to see their progress. They are delighted with their computers. Netspring did the installation. Click on photos to see more.

Deaf students benefit also.
Deaf students benefit also.

Huang Lingyu is deaf and has recently had a special implant that allows her to hear
Sponsored Students at Du'an Special Education School

We are helping 10 families at this school with support. Many of the children are orphans, and they all have disabilites. 黄羚语 Huang Lingyu is deaf but has recently had an implant that allows her to hear. Sponsor her and change a family for 2000 Yuan ($300) a year.  

Also see movie on Youku.com

Ten familes received their support in person. 

Ziyuan Primary School needs more books for their library.
Ziyuan Primary School needs more books. They only have two books per child while the standard is 30 books per child. Help us get new Chinese primary books for their library.

 Give $50 for Books!
Happy Holidays