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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Soon we will be an official Foreign Non Government Organization in China.

We have been getting our papers ready for four months to become an official foreign NGO in China.  Soon we will be recognized and able to continue helping Chinese students. 

Blessing Hands is nearly Official In China
People_s Security Office of the People_s Republic of China.
People's Security Department
Administration Office of Overseas NGOs
Administration Office of Overseas NGOs

We are becoming a Foreign Non Government Organization in China 

7 official papers have to be sealed by the US Department of State before they go to the Chinese Embassy.
7 official papers have to be sealed by the US Department of State before they go to the Chinese Embassy.
You have not heard from Blessing Hands in a while. We have been so busy applying for status within China as a Foreign NGO and getting ready to go to China on June 12th, that we have not had time to write Newsletters.  We are submitting files to show what we have done in China for 11 years and getting all of our official papers notarized and sealed by three levels of our government before they are submitted to the Chinese Embassy for the final official seal there. We are complying with a new law in China that makes all foreign charities and their activities illegal unless they register with the government. 

 UPS lost some papers for a while and our required official metal seal twice came in the mail with mistakes. We just barely received it in time for one of our board members, Xiaomin Mai Oney, to take it to China to seal necessary documents. Our printer broke at a key time and had to be replaced quickly. We have used more than two reams of paper on the project. Copies have to be submitted with originals at three different offices. 

We are one of the first 3 foreign NGOs to register with the Education Department in Guangxi Province. We have to expect birth pains. The other two are from France and Hong Kong. They plan to have a special ceremony for us three and make a media event out of it. I just might get to Nanning in time to participate personally, if all of our paperwork gets  sealed and filed. We have been through all the prechecks and only need to submit the real sealed papers from the Chinese Embassy. 

Ms. Liu at the Public Security Department in Nanning
Ms. Liu at the Public Security Department in Nanning
The Education Department and People's Security personnel have been so helpful. They have responded to questions quickly and explained what was lost in translation about the process. Both departments have to approve our application.  Different papers have been sent back by the Chinese Embassy twice to be reworked, and three translations turned out to be wrong in small details and had to be reworked.

Nathan Davis_ Rowan County Notary
Nathan Davis, Rowan County Notary

I have personally gone to Frankfort for Kentucky State Department seals four times. Nathan Davis, the Rowan County Notary, and Mrs. Ballinger of the Kentucky Department of State have given me great encouragement and have helped us all they can.  

We have had some great heros along the way.  Xiaomin Mai, one of our board members who is visiting her family in Nanning, has been to talk to both departments and will be putting the finishing touches on the papers before they are finally presented in their final form. Matthew Liu, who is our Chief Representative in China, has redone his papers three times so far. It has been a long process. Eric Zhang and others helped to translate our official papers. 
Notice the misprint in the Chinese on the seal.
Notice the misprint in the Chinese on the seal.

You can have a part in this new milestone too. Help us pay for all these expenses. Volunteers have freely given their time, expertise, and advice, but it is going to be very expensive when it is all finished. The cost for each paper adds up to $78 for just the seals not counting the postage and paying an organization to walk them around from the State Department to the Embassy and then send them back to us to hand carry into China.  Expenses are adding up. 

Have a part in making Blessing Hands official in China. Give $78 for one paper or as much a you want to cover the whole cost that will come to over $1,500. Be a blessing hand to us and share in the accomplishments of our students.  You can pay for our seal for $75. 

undefined $78 for one paper to be sealed   undefined Give $75 for the metal seal's cost.

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