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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pick Me! Report

Pick Me! was a Great Success

Pick Me Summary:
We had a great time with “Pick Me!” We recruited 172 new pen pals, more than 60 students found new sponsors, and 150 people signed our newsletter list. $2,608 in cash was given with another $1,475 pledged for students. The total of pledges and cash was $4,083. Most were new sponsors or contributors. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Our “Pick Me!” event was so successful that we are going to use the same theme and colors online with our website that is under construction. Several MSU students are working on our website as class projects. Jessica Garrish is again the lead designer.

Student Letter:
The students in China got excited also, sending letters and essays about themselves. I am featuring Huang Fu’s letter below. If he passes the national exam, you can help him with a $500 college scholarship.

My name is Huang Fu. These two years I get the help from Blessing Hands. I have many words want to express my thinking. Here only one word can use - thank you very much for you help!

I come from Guangxi’s 钦州灵山陆屋镇. Now I am studying in Qinzhou City No.1 Middle School. I am a senior 3 student (last year student). Two months after now our country will hold a 高考 (university exam). If I can pass, I can enter college. At that time I want to study in 广东工业大学 (Guangdong University of Technology) and learn 车辆工程 (engineering for automobiles). I will work hard. I forever remember I am a Blessing Hands student. After finishing college, I can help another because this is my job.

Thank you,
Huang Fu

National College Entrance Test:
The students in China are all under pressure preparing for the national college entrance test in June. We have over 60 applications from Qinzhou and Yangshuo. Maybe half of those will pass the test and be accepted by a college. They will need a scholarship at least for the first year. If you are sick and miss the testing days, you have to wait a full year to take the test again. Perhaps this test reminds you of the Emperor’s tests that selected civil servants in ancient China. Passing the test is very important, but you can pass and still have a problem getting accepted into a college, since too many students are all trying to apply.

I have asked our college applicants to write essays about themselves for their scholarship applications and to feature on our new website. When the site is finished, we plan to apply for a Google Advertising Grant and feature the students who are applying for college scholarships. Anna Liu in Qinzhou is encouraging students to come in on Sunday afternoons, their only free time, to do their college essays on her office computer. She sent me pictures of their computer sessions.

Send A kid To College:
We got 4 college scholarship pledges during pick me. Make it five! Maybe you are sponsoring a senior student already and naturally want to send them on to college. It would make their life. Do you want to send a kid to college? Just let us know your pledge by e-mail at: blessinghands@gmail.com.

On our blog, http://blessinghands.blogspot.com/, there is a Google Checkout donation button that allows you to give credit card donations, or you can donate directly by a button on our newsletter. You can always mail a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Blessings and thanks to all you great new sponsors,

Betty Cutts for Blessing Hands