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Monday, October 16, 2017

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Do you have a Blessing Hands story?

Share Your Stories and Experiences
Contributors? Sponsors? Students? Volunteers? Teachers?  Blessing Hands needs simple comments or stories of your experiences with us. 
We need your stories to share during our #
GoodGiving Campaign starting on "Giving Tuesday, November 28 - December 31st.  This online challenge involves over a 100 Kentucky charities that can receive awards for raising the most contributions or having the most unique contributors during the challenge. 
All you need to do is tell your story or experiences with Blessing Hands on the GreatNonprofits website link. Nine positive reviews before October 31st will earn us a GreatNonprofits seal. We will also have all those great stories to share during the #GoodGiving Challenge. 

Liang Peipei and Betty Cutts
Liang Peipei and Betty Cutts
Peipei's Story
Peipei was a #BlessingHandsChina student from high school through college. These are her words with a little editing from me.
Hello, everyone,
I am Liang Peipei, one of the Blessing Hands students. I have been a Blessing Hands student for 7 years. I still remember when I was a senior 1 student. My sisters and brothers all went to school at the same time. My parents nearly couldn't send us all to school. 
Luckily, I met Ms. Liu, Betty, and Blessing Hands. Ms. Liu was my English teacher. She helped me a lot. Blessing Hands supported me until I graduated from college last year. Now I am teaching English in a school in Qinzhou Prefecture. I am so lucky to be a Blessing Hands student. Thank you, Blessing Hands and all the kind people. It is you who spread love in our world. Now, I can help others who need help. Let's make the world better.
Someday, I may tell my own story. Thanks again for your continued help and support for our students.

Blessings and thanks,                                                                                                    
Betty Cutts

Founder and Director of Blessing Hands  
Give any amount to sponsor a student.

Filipino kids at our  feeding event in 2015
Filipino kids at our feeding event in 2015 
10 Kids in Manila
Steve Hill and his son leave soon for the Philippines. They will take pictures and make movies of the 10 students we are sponsoring at the RiverSprings School in Manila. All the money we raise this year with the GoodGiving Challenge will be given to our Filipino program. Steve will be organizing a feeding street outreach and a basketball event. These kids don't usually get meat but once a week.
Filipino street outreach
Filipino street outreach
outreach in Valenzuela
Outreach in Valenzuela
Kroger will donate 4% of what you buy
We have 15 households that have selected Blessing Hands as their charity through Kroger Community Rewards. We have received $1,433 since 2014. Once you enroll, all you have to do is shop at Kroger with your Plus Card!  
If you live in the Louisville Marketing Area - which includes most of Kentucky, southern Illinois and southern Indiana, go to this Kroger link to enroll. Click on the "Register" tab at the top right and fill out your information. Be sure to include your Kroger Plus card number. 
Scroll over the "Community tab" and click on "Community Rewards". Click on "Enroll" and enter Blessing Hands in the search area or put in our number 75706.
Then go shopping and feed our children as well as yours. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lots of Good News!
Ms. Liu is the Officer in blue who has been handling our case in Guangxi
Ms. Liu, in blue, is the officer who has been handling our case in Guangxi. Matthew Liu, our chief agent in China, and Anna Liu, our administrator in Qinzhou, are also with me in the picture. 
Ms. Liu at the Security Bureau of Guangxi Province will get our papers from the internet soon and process them as soon as possible. The papers have cleared the Education Department inspection and their lawyers. If there are no problems with the papers at the Security Bureau, maybe we will get certified before the end of this month rather than waiting until next month.
WOW that door is swinging open. Now I can plan my November trip to China. It will be a busy time while we try to get permission to help kids in Hubei Province also. We will get an official seal that is required everywhere in China, a bank account in our name, and assistance with records. We have found a volunteer accountant who will work with a volunteer (but required) auditor of our Guangxi Province books. Things are coming together. I am excited. Now we can help more students if sponsors step up to help.

You can help with the expenses of this registration by giving any amount at this link

Thank for your help, support and concern for 11 years,
Betty Cutts
Founder and Director of Blessings Hands

Updated Map of Blessing Hands in China

We have updated our map of China that shows where Blessing Hands has programs. We have 10 programs now in 5 provinces of China. Once we have our certification in Guangxi, we can present our seal for approval in other provinces and go through their requirements to register there. We will first start with Hubei this fall when I go to China again. We already have an open door with the government of Chibi City.
All of Our New Scholarship Students 
are Sponsored Now 
Nine new students are heading off to college this fall because
He Xingping in 2006
He Xingping in 2006
He Xingping_s sponsor has been helping her for years and now she will send her to college.
2017 - He Xingping has a sponsor 
of you. You have changed the life of a student, family, village, and nation, because you sponsored Blessing Hands and our students. The two featured in our last newsletter are now sponsored.                                                    
We also have older students, who are sending their grades and applications in now. Some of them have lost sponsors or need a little more to top off their scholarships.  You can give any amount on this page for our older scholarship students.

We will also be contacting you who sponsor our primary, middle school, and high school students to remind you to send in your sponsorship again. It is that time of year.

A lovely lady in Lexington has given us Chinese painting to help Blessing Hands. We will be glad to give them away for a $100 donation that will help our students. I am featuring them here.