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Monday, December 05, 2016

@GoodGiving Challenge

Join Our


Help us make a difference in a student's future

The @GoodGiving Challenge begins now and goes through December 31st. Our goal is to add 35 more high school students. Each needs $415 for tuition and school needs.  
You can give any amount on our 

We are competing with other KY charities
for endowment awards based on unique donors and our total donations.
Click on the @GoodGiving link and give as little as $5 or as much as you desire to help our students. Last year we got a $5,000 endowment prize. Help us do that again.

I got to visit our high school students in Qinzhou, Du'an, Lingchuan, Yangshuo, and Chibi during my recent China trip. They are so appreciative of the tuition support we are giving them. 

Shanghai United International School has raised $11,700 as matching funds to encourage people to donate on our Giving Page. They can't donate online, but they wanted to help by raising matching funds. 

Students wanted to greet us personally.
Qinzhou students greet us. Click to see more pictures. 
"It brings me joy. It's my pleasure. I'm just so grateful that Blessing Hands is a charity I can really advocate sincerely. I've been burned and disappointed many times in China. Just keep doing your good work, and we'll help as best we can." 
"Students took pledges for the number of laps they could run in 30 minutes. They raised over $11,700. Kids love to run and it's as simple as signing up donors. Most donors gave 1 kwai (15 cents) per lap. It added up quickly." The quote is from Judy Frohnaple, the faculty adviser to the charity prefects raising money for us at Shanghai United International School. Help us match their gift! 

10 Students at Chibi No. 1 High School
10 Students at Chibi No. 1 High School 
Click for more pictures.

Zhu Ailing at Lingchuan High School puts her thumb print on the school receipt list.
Zhu Ailing at Lingchuan High School puts her thumb print on the school receipt list.
Students love to give  handmade gifts.
Students love to give handmade thank you gifts.
We have 160 students in 11 high school in Qinzhou Prefecture
We have 160 students in 11 high schools in 
Qinzhou Prefecture - Click to see more pictures.
Singing with Yangshuo High School Students
Singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes in Yangshuo, China
Huang Jijin with her new glasses in Du_an
Huang Jijin with her new glasses in Du'an



Computers in Du_an Special Education School
Computers in Du'an  -Click to see more.
A deaf student and her grandmother receive sponsorship
A deaf student and her grandmother - Click to see more.
Primary books are needed for this school
Books are needed for Ziyuan Primary School Click to see more.
Computer tables 

Volunteers enjoyed giving out candy and seeing the computers being used by the children. They need computer tables and desks in classrooms. 
 undefined $100 
Sponsorship Program

We are sponsoring ten students at the Du'an Special Education School. Nine of them still don't have sponsors. You can sponsor one for a year. 
undefined $300 
Will you give books?

We pledged to give new books to this primary school in Ziyuan County. They only have 2 books for each child while the standard is 30 books.  undefined $250

Originally, I was planing to use this money to buy a bag for myself since I have been wanting a bag for a while. But today I saw Luo Jia's post, and thought this money can be better used if it goes to the less fortunate people. 

   Our  recent China trip went very well. We gave shoes and socks to the students that three small primary schools in Longfu China, and visited many schools and projects. 

Volunteer Tina Huang loved giving candy to the kids at Lin Wang School.
Volunteer Tina Huang enjoyed giving out candy during our recent visit. Click to see more pictures. 

Some kids were barefooted, so they were excited about getting new shoes.
Some kids were barefooted, so they were excited about getting new shoes from our team.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

11 Years of Blessings

11 Years of Blessings
In 2005 Mo Renjiao_s grandmother gave me a stool.
In 2005 Mo Renjiao's grandmother gave me a stool.
A Grandmother's Story 

Do you know how Blessing Hands was born in 2005? It started with Mo Renjiao's grandmother. I was teaching in a summer English camp in Yangshuo, China when I asked to visit the families and schools. When we came to Renjiao's home, her grandmother was just coming in from the fields. She was all bent over with hard labor. I looked at her and thought she would never live long enough to see her two fatherless grandchildren grow up. What would happen to the children if
Mo Renjiao_s family in 2005
Mo Renjiao's family in 2005
she died?

I wanted to help her somehow. I did not want to just hand her money and shame this proud, hardworking woman. I looked for something in her house that I could buy. I picked up a small stool like they sold to tourists in Yangshuo. Pleased with my plan, I asked to buy it. She said no. Then she gave it to me. I am moved to tears even now as I remember that moment.  

Mo Renjiao with her grandmother in 2016
Mo Renjiao 莫仁姣 with her grandmother in 2016
That stool sits in my home as a symbol of her great heart that took in two grandchildren to raise at her advanced age. She has lived to 94 and hopes to live to a hundred. She cannot walk unaided now, but you can tell from the pictures that she is lively yet. She is still my friend and equal in charity. 

She has seen her granddaughter go to medical school, and Blessing Hands help over a 1000 other children. I resolved that day to help children like her
She is proud of her granddaughter.
She is proud of her granddaughter.
grandchildren get an education - not by giving pity or "charity" but by giving them a blessing hand and expecting them to become blessing hands to others. We give the gift of education that every Chinese child needs and dreams about. 

We will be participating in the GoodGiving Challenge again this December. It is an online fund raising effort where people all over the world can give. You can help children like the Mo children and take the burden of need off of grandparents' shoulders. Our fundraising goal is $12,450 which will add 30 more high school students to our sponsorship program as totally supported. High school students in China do not get free public education. That stops at 9th grade. 

Look for more information on social media as the GoodGiving Challenge kicks off on November 28th and ends December 31st. I will get back from China on the same day it begins. 
Liang Chunmei
Liang Chunmei梁春梅
College Scholarships
We are giving scholarships to our college students now but some still need funding. Liang Chunmei is in her second year of a 3-year business English degree from Guangxi University of Foreign Languages. Her GPA is 89.56, and she needs a $650 scholarship. 
"I was born in a poor family. My parents are farmers and I have a younger brother in school. My parents work from dawn to night, but they cannot pay my tuition. I must confess that I need your help."
Several other students lack complete scholarships. Please help our students by giving to our scholarship fund or taking a student to sponsor. We will be sponsoring at least 55 college students this year. 
Blue Grass Community foundation.

$4,000 Endowment Gift !

I got a really good surprise recently. A family that has supported our Blessing Hands students for 11 years has given to our Blessing Hands Endowment Fund with the Blue Grass Foundation. They received an Endow Kentucky Tax Credit of 20% of their $4,000 gift. We also received a $5,000 endowment gift as a prize for our performance in the GoodGiving Challenge in December 2015. That gives us $9,000 in endowment giving this year and a total endowment of over $50,000. 

The state legislature is doing this to encourage community foundation giving. Unlike tax deductions, tax credits are taken off a tax bill dollar for dollar. This credit can reduce a donor's Kentucky tax bill to zero. For example, a gift of $4,000 can eliminate a tax liability of $800. This is in addition to the federal and state tax deduction you receive by giving the donation.

Blessing Hands will get income from our fund each year while the principal of the fund continues to grow.  Our endowment fund will insure that Blessing Hands continues to help Chinese students for years to come. 
China, Here We Come!

We have a lot of places to visit during my November trip to China. 

Qinzhou High School Students
Qinzhou High School Students

We will have a tuition gathering in Qinzhou on Sunday the 13th

Computers given to Du_an Special Education School
Computers given to Du'an Special Education School

I will also visit the Du'an area to see the special education school's installation of 40 computers and the small primary schools we give school supplies to each semester. 
School Supplies for Primary Schools in Longfu
School supplies for
schools in Longfu

In Guilin Prefecture I will meet with our students and volunteers and start a new program in Ziyuan County. Then we will go on to Chibi in Hubei Province to start a new high school program. 
Krystal Fan is one of 3 Prefects in charge of fundraising for Blessing Hands.
Krystal Fan is one of 3 prefects in charge of fundraising for Blessing Hands at Shanghai United International School.

Finally, we will visit Shanghai United International School, which is featuring Blessing Hands as their special fund raising project. Last year they raised $9,000 for our students.  Click on the photos to see more pictures. They will help with our GoodGiving Challenge this December. 

I will be leaving for China on November 10 and returning on the 29th. We will have scholarship lunches in Qinzhou - Monday November 14th, Nanning - Tuesday the 15th, Guilin- Sunday the 20th, and Yangshuo -Monday the 21st.

Contact us for the times and places. 

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