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Saturday, November 17, 2018

China Is Changing

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Educational Policy Changes in China
Lingshan No. 2 High School in the Qinzhou Prefecture of Guangxi Province
Dasi High School in the Qinzhou Prefecture of Guangxi Province
1.       Good news! The government of China is now offering high school tuitions to students living below the Chinese poverty level and paying other supplements up to 2500 yuan ($363) for especially poor students of any age who qualify. In the same way that we continued to help our lower middle school students when the government began to offer free public education until age fifteen in 2007, we don’t want to abandon our high school students now. 

Most of our teacher volunteers in the schools think that their students still need help with extras like resource books, transportation, food, and school clothes. As long as the volunteers are willing to do the paperwork, we will be willing to offer sponsorships. This increased educational help from the government extends to scholarships to college, so that may taper off applications from new scholarship students. 

As I read the letters of needs written by the students applying this year, I had to agree that they still needed our help. So we will continue to sponsor students whose volunteer administrators think they need our help. 😀 We will also be on the alert to find new projects that will be welcomed by the students and schools.
Three Longfu Primary Schools Receive Gifts
We give playground equipment, art supplies, exercise books, resource books, and other school supplies to three small Yao primary schools in the Longfu Township of Du'an. We just got pictures from Dr. Dai, our volunteer there. We also give them all shoes in the winter semester. Money for this comes from the cash jars we place in Chinese restaurants, so put in your change.
Du'an Special
Education School

A online Tencent donation page for this school was generously supplied by Amity Foundation. Many of you gave small amounts, but it only raised about a fourth of the funds we needed for the computer program. Alex Wang will be able to continue his distance learning classes in computers for blind students, but we did not raise money for all the computers we wanted to give the school. If you want to give a computer, let us know. It would be about $500 per computer.

We have ten new special education kids who need to be sponsored in addition to the 10 we already support.They have various handicaps but can learn. Message us which one you want.
Visit our Website at www.blessing-hands.org and donate on our Paypal page. You can also send your sponsorship to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Blessings and thanks,

Betty Cutts, Director and Founder of Blessing Hands

Friday, November 02, 2018

New Ways to Give to Our Students

You have more opportunities to help Blessing Hands.

AmazonSmile has donated over $100 million to charities thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com. To celebrate, AmazonSmile is donating 5% (ten times the usual amount) to Blessing Hands Inc when you shop at

through Nov 2#AmazoSmile #StartWithaSmile

We are receiving $5.98 this quarter from AmazonSmile. Shop between now and November 2nd, and we will get even more! Support us every time you shop in the future too.

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Blessing Hands Inc. 

For Kentucky, this works in Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Somerset, Corbin, and surrounding areas
Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy. All you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!

Sign in or Create an Account to Enroll in this Kroger Plus Card program.

Once signed in you can enroll or update your Community Rewards under your Account Setting. Choose us as your charity by making a search by our name, 
Blessing Hands.
You can give 4% to kids in China every time you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Card. Sign up to support Blessing Hands using this sign in page.

We have received $943.00 since we signed up in 2016. Once you register us as your preferred charity, you do not have to renew it annually although the web page still says that in places.

We also have an opportunity through
eBay For Charity
$714 has been given to us by our supporters, who have sold things on eBay and given us a percentage of the sale or all of the proceeds.

First select Blessing Hands as your favorite charity. Then decide how much of your sales you want to go to Blessing Hands. Then start selling!

Watch the video to see how easy it is.
How to sell on eBay for Charity

Monday, September 10, 2018

A thank you letter

It makes it all worthwhile when Luo Hongyi writes a letter like the one below.

Thank you for your help in the last few years. I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Blessing Hands.

Time is passing quickly. I will graduate in June next year. With your help, I will succeed in finishing my university. It was fortunate for me to meet you, and you have given me a lot of warmth and love, which made me happy to finish college like other students. Thousands of words cannot express my gratitude to you. I think I will find opportunities to be a teacher after graduation, and I will exhaust my ability to bring help and warmth to others.

Four years in college, I live a full life every day, studying hard, using spare time to do family education, sometimes going to volunteer activities. I am very happy. Every vacation, I did a part-time job. I think I am very brave. I bravely go to a strange place, I bravely go to make friends with strangers, and I bravely go to earn my own living expenses. I am proud of myself.

Betty, you have always been my driving force. I remember that year you came to see us at our school. You gave me a big hug. I felt very warm and very moved. I love you.
In short, I will always remember your love for me, and I will be able to do something meaningful like you in the future.

Thank you and thank the Blessing Hands forever,

Luo Hongyi

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A New Assistant Director in China

We have a New Assistant Director in China!
Blessing Hands is pleased to announce that we have hired an Assistant Director in China. Michelle Tian is a graduate of James Cook University, Singapore Campus. She will start work on May 1st and travel with our team in China in June.

Michelle feels strongly that she wants to teach and help children. She was active in youth work in Singapore and wants to continue to work with our students especially in our summer camps.
Michelle enjoyed working with special education people in Singapore.
Her translation skills have already come in very handy. She did oral translation as a volunter in Singapore. We really enjoyed the quick translation she did while she was interviewing with our board. 

She is our first full- time employee. Now that we are official in China, we are ready to grow. An enthusiastic person willing to deal with the paperwork required for the benefit of our students and volunteers is a great blessing. Her vision for her life compliments the values of Blessing Hands - to be a giver and not a receiver.
She will oversee 5 projects in Guangxi and 8 more in four other provinces. She will get to see those projects for the first time while she travels with our team during the months of June and early July.

Michelle grew up in Yunnan Province in China, but she is willing to move to Guangxi Province where Blessing Hands is registered with the Education Department as an official Foreign NGO. She will be near our Nanning City friends and supporters and our home office in China.
We had fun singing with the kids at Longyan Chongshan Primary School. They get school supplies and equipment from cash jars in our local Chinese restaurants.
          June China Trip

I had so many gifts and thank you letters that it took a while to read and sort them all when I got home.
Sponsor a Student
Students need sponsors. We are adding students and schools in fall 2018.

You can sponsor  a primary student  for
$265 a year.

A middle school student needs $332 a year and a high school student is $398 a year.

Contact us about sponsorship.

The fall scholarship students needed $650 college scholarships. We have found sponsors for  51 college students in Hubei, Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces.

We met many alumni and present college scholarship students from one end of China to the other. Many of them are giving back into our programs, being a blessing hand themselves.

New Assistant Director

In June, Michelle Tian travelled with our team for a month visiting our various projects and students.

Her heart was moved with all she saw and learned. She is a great translator and dedicated employee. In this picture, she is standing on my left wearing one of our new yellow vests.

We will have 10 more students at Du'an Special Education School in the fall.

You can sponsor one for $300 a year.

                      Donate to keep Blessing Hands thriving.
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