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Monday, September 10, 2018

New Program in Yunnan

It makes it all worthwhile when Luo Hongyi writes a letter like the one below.

Thank you for your help in the last few years. I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Blessing Hands.

Time is passing quickly. I will graduate in June next year. With your help, I will succeed in finishing my university. It was fortunate for me to meet you, and you have given me a lot of warmth and love, which made me happy to finish college like other students. Thousands of words cannot express my gratitude to you. I think I will find opportunities to be a teacher after graduation, and I will exhaust my ability to bring help and warmth to others.

Four years in college, I live a full life every day, studying hard, using spare time to do family education, sometimes going to volunteer activities. I am very happy. Every vacation, I did a part-time job. I think I am very brave. I bravely go to a strange place, I bravely go to make friends with strangers, and I bravely go to earn my own living expenses. I am proud of myself.

Betty, you have always been my driving force. I remember that year you came to see us at our school. You gave me a big hug. I felt very warm and very moved. I love you.
In short, I will always remember your love for me, and I will be able to do something meaningful like you in the future.

Thank you and thank the Blessing Hands forever,

Luo Hongyi

Sharing Grace Program

We are starting a new program called Sharing Grace in Yunnan Province, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Jinghong City. I met Angie Fan at breakfast one morning in Kunming where her family manages a hotel we were staying in. She was from Tennessee just like me, so we had a great time speaking English.

Soon she found that I had a charity in China that helps poor families. She got very interested in becoming an administrator to help children needing educational help in the area where they also manage another hotel. Her husband, Dominic Fan cried when he told me about families he knew who really needed help.

So we now have 8 new primary students who need sponsors and one high school student. They are minority students from distant villages whose parents have come to the city looking for work. You can sponsor one primary student pictured here for $265 a year.
Blessings and thanks,

Betty Cutts, Director and Founder of Blessing Hands

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A New Assistant Director in China

We have a New Assistant Director in China!
Blessing Hands is pleased to announce that we have hired an Assistant Director in China. Michelle Tian is a graduate of James Cook University, Singapore Campus. She will start work on May 1st and travel with our team in China in June.

Michelle feels strongly that she wants to teach and help children. She was active in youth work in Singapore and wants to continue to work with our students especially in our summer camps.
Michelle enjoyed working with special education people in Singapore.
Her translation skills have already come in very handy. She did oral translation as a volunter in Singapore. We really enjoyed the quick translation she did while she was interviewing with our board. 

She is our first full- time employee. Now that we are official in China, we are ready to grow. An enthusiastic person willing to deal with the paperwork required for the benefit of our students and volunteers is a great blessing. Her vision for her life compliments the values of Blessing Hands - to be a giver and not a receiver.
She will oversee 5 projects in Guangxi and 8 more in four other provinces. She will get to see those projects for the first time while she travels with our team during the months of June and early July.

Michelle grew up in Yunnan Province in China, but she is willing to move to Guangxi Province where Blessing Hands is registered with the Education Department as an official Foreign NGO. She will be near our Nanning City friends and supporters and our home office in China.
We had fun singing with the kids at Longyan Chongshan Primary School. They get school supplies and equipment from cash jars in our local Chinese restaurants.
          June China Trip

I had so many gifts and thank you letters that it took a while to read and sort them all when I got home.
Sponsor a Student
Students need sponsors. We are adding students and schools in fall 2018.

You can sponsor  a primary student  for
$265 a year.

A middle school student needs $332 a year and a high school student is $398 a year.

Contact us about sponsorship.

The fall scholarship students needed $650 college scholarships. We have found sponsors for  51 college students in Hubei, Gansu, Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces.

We met many alumni and present college scholarship students from one end of China to the other. Many of them are giving back into our programs, being a blessing hand themselves.

New Assistant Director

In June, Michelle Tian travelled with our team for a month visiting our various projects and students.

Her heart was moved with all she saw and learned. She is a great translator and dedicated employee. In this picture, she is standing on my left wearing one of our new yellow vests.

We will have 10 more students at Du'an Special Education School in the fall.

You can sponsor one for $300 a year.

                      Donate to keep Blessing Hands thriving.
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Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy New Year of the Dog

                            We Hope the Year of the Dog will Bless you.

Thank you for subscribing and welcome to Blessing Hands.
Mary Mu and I had a great time at our Blessing Hands table at our Chinese New Year Celebration.
Wang Guifang has no sponsor. She is in the 7th grade and is 14 years old. Her partial support is $159 a year.
These new students are in the Lisu smf Miao minority areas of Yunnan. They come from poor families that really need help to send their children to school. You can fully sponsor a primary student for $285 dollars a year. Payments of $23.80 a month would sponsor them.

        New Students in Yunnan

Cao Shuangxiang is 10 years old. She is in the 3rd grade at Pingda Primary School. She lives with her parents, grandpa and 3-year-old sister. You can change her life for $285 a year.

We will have 440 students in our program in 2018.
Our new status as a foreign NGO has allowed us to have a bank account in our name. We are learning how to be more professional as we must have an official yearly audit and an accountant trained in Chinese accepted accounting methods. Many volunteers have stepped forward to help our students continue to receive their sponsorship aid. In our 12th year we are gowing up and finding new strengths and weaknesses.

We would like to find a part-time assistant executive director to connect our Nanning and US office effectively. They need to speak Chinese and English, have a passion to help students, be willing to live in Nanning and travel, and have high standards of intergrity and education.  Send us your resume. if you are willing to volunteer that is even better.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

60 New Students in 2018

Buyi minority family of Huali Luo
Buyi Minority family of Huali Luo

Buyi Minority

Most of our students in Anlong are from the Buyi Minority. They have their own lanuage, culture, and religion. They are known for their weaving, needle work, and unique national dress seen here. 
Anlong No. 2  Lower Middle School
    We are adding 16 new students at Anlong No. 2 Lower Middle School in Guizhou Province. Most of them are from the Buyi Minority. That will give 31+ students for our summer camp in Anlong in late June. If the camp is approved by the Education and Security Departments, we will be looking for intrepreters and foreign English teachers. 

   Sponsor a middle school student partially for $160 a year. That is just $14 a month. You can give full support that furnishes books, food, and school supplies for $350 a year. Check the recurring box to give $30 a month. 

    Sponsor a high school student partially for $190 a year or completely for $415 a year. The monthly pledge would be $15 a month for partial support or $35 a month for full support.   

---- Sixty More Students Added This Year ----
In our 12th year, we are adding 60 more students in 
Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi Provinces.
Bai Hualing Primary School百花岭小学

Give Library Books

Bai Hualing is asking for library books. It is in a remote Lisu Minority area of Yunnan Province. Please give these kids some books. 

 undefined $25                undefined $50 

 undefined $100              undefined $200
Zhao Liuye 赵刘叶

Zhao Liuye Lives at Bai Hualing

"My name is Zhao Liuye, and I'm attending grade 5 in elementary school. I was born in a remote village in Yunnan. We were not wealthy but we had enough for our own living happily. 

Last year, my father's car accident changed everything. He was paralyzed. We sold our field but still owe the hospital a couple hundred thousand RMB. We thought of everything that could help, but sometimes we couldn't even afford our food expenses. It's a problem for me to go to school even when I don't need to pay for my tuition (I still need to pay for my school supplies and living expenses). My mother has to go into the city to work, leaving my 70-year-old grandmother to take care of my father and my 3-year-old brother. It is very difficult for my whole family."

Give $24 a month or you can give $290 a year to sponsor her in the 5th grade.  Give $84 if you want to give partial support. 
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