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Monday, May 06, 2019

Happy Spring

The Guo family is having a happy spring.
Guo Family
Mr. Guo is getting much better. He really wants to go back to work as soon as possible. He is the pillar of the family now since his wife's death in the fire that nearly killed him also. He is trying his very best to recover both physically and emotionally.

His biggest concern is for his oldest daughter, Ronghua, who will enter higher middle school next fall. Her grades are good and her teachers are pleased with her, so he hopes she will test well. She had been concerned about the new school expenses causing more debts for her family, but we assured her and her father that she has a good family sponsoring her that will help her with her educational expenses all the way through school. She can also get some government tuition help since the situation of the family has changed dramatically.

We have started the Guo family's monthly payments of $175(1,000 RMB). The monthly support is only until he is able to work again. People really stepped up to help this family that were victims of an arsonist who later killed himself. Nothing can replace their mother who died of burns days after the fire, but we can help the family members that remain.

If you are willing to give toward their monthly family support until Mr. Guo can work again, please email us.
Education Department Meeting

Blessing Hands was invited to a meeting with the Education Department of Guangxi. The four foreign non-governmental organizations registered in Guangxi attended. Tian Muling and Matthew Liu represented Blessing Hands. Two FNGOs were from the USA and there was one each from Hong Kong and France. The meeting was to meet one another and relate our progress and problems to the Education Department. The meeting went well and our charity compared well with others.

In the future, we will need to notify the local Education Departments when we want to go to a school in their area. We already needed to tell the local security police when we were coming. Our NGO did not have any issues, but the French organization was having trouble communicating with schools and visiting their children. It was a cordial meeting.
Pictures of our students at the National Special Education School in Du'an County came recently. I want to feature these three blind students especially. These three students need sponsors to give $295 a year for their school needs. We hope to connect them with volunteer English tutors from the USA. Pick one and message us.

Quanyin is a 14-year-old male, He is blind and takes part in distance learning in computer training. His older sisters are in college. He wants to be able to support himself someday. His father is disabled and his mother is sick. He has participated in the disabled swimming championships inside and outside the province and won several swimming competition medals.
Yijian is blind but very interested in learning English and computers. She lives in Du'an County. There are 6 people in the family - grandfather, father, mother, sister, and brother. Her grandfather is old and weak, and his spirit is out of order. The younger brother is studying in primary school. The family is large, but the labor force is thin and the fields are small. The mother takes care of the sick grandparents while farming and the father goes out to work part-time to maintain their livelihood. Their family life is very difficultShe is learning computers through distance learning from a charity for the blind in Shanghai.
Fengzhu is a 12-year-old boy. There are 5 people in his family (Dad, Mother, Fengzhu and two younger brothers). Two of the younger brothers are still very young. 

Fengzhu is a sensible, diligent child who loves to learn. Now he is studying in the sixth grade of the blind class of the National Special Education School in Du'an County, Guangxi Province. He is a boarder at the school, and the basic cost of living in the school and the tolls for returning home on weekends are difficult to solve. 
You Can be a Hero to a Child!
If you want to sponsor one of these blind students you can at this link. We hope that you will be blessed in this season of spring and new life.

Betty Cutts,
Founder and Director of Blessing Hands

Monday, February 04, 2019

Happy New Year

Chinese New Year is Here
It is the Year of the Pig!
We hope that you have a wonderful Year of the Pig.
The Kentucky Chinese American Association hosts a large celebration at the Lexington Opera House yearly. They graciously give us a table. We got $80 in donations for the Guo family’s medical bills. It was a lot of fun. The children were so cute. One little girl's dress had the same pattern as my jacket.
Good News!

Mr. Guo is home from the hospital now. Since the kids have a month long holiday from school, he can be with his children for the New Year Holiday.

He and his wife were tragically burned when an arsonist burned their living space. Mr. Guo lived, but his wife died after 15 days in ICU. His children have just been told recently that their mother is gone. They are "left behind children" of their migrant parents, so they escaped the fire.

Blessing Hands has collected $10,199 so far for the family's medical bills and was able to send $725 of that for the New Year holiday. All three children now have sponsors for their educational needs and soon the family will only owe $20,000 more in medical debts. Lexington Chinese Christian Church members have given $2,109 and taken the youngest boy to sponsor. We are very grateful to all who have given.

We plan to help them with $144 (1,000 rmb) a month until he can work again. Sponsorship for the children will continue until they graduate or do not need it anymore.

If you would like to be a sponsor for a month of family support let us know. It only takes 12 people giving for one month to cover them for a year. We already have one pledge of $15 a month.

You can send a check to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY, 40351. Our website also has a place to give online. Any amount is welcome and you can choose to make it reoccuring through Paypal or a bill pay at your bank. You can even give on our Facebook page.

We have also started a GoFundMe page for his medical expenses. Check it out.
We have a photo of his feet up close. Let us trust that he continues to improve as he applies medicine to his body daily. The charcoal fire is to keep him warm in this cold weather.
We have 10 high school students in Du'an County, Guangxi Province who need sponsors. This Yao Minority area is very poor. Their sponsorships are given for school aid, transportation needs, medical care, and personal needs such as clothes and shoes to go to school. The students need sponsors willing to give $391 a year or $32.60 a month. Be a hero to a student.

Give on our website.

Contact us to set up a bill pay with your bank.

Blessing Hands | 106 Timber LaneMorehead, KY 40351

Saturday, November 17, 2018

China Is Changing

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Educational Policy Changes in China
Lingshan No. 2 High School in the Qinzhou Prefecture of Guangxi Province
Dasi High School in the Qinzhou Prefecture of Guangxi Province
1.       Good news! The government of China is now offering high school tuitions to students living below the Chinese poverty level and paying other supplements up to 2500 yuan ($363) for especially poor students of any age who qualify. In the same way that we continued to help our lower middle school students when the government began to offer free public education until age fifteen in 2007, we don’t want to abandon our high school students now. 

Most of our teacher volunteers in the schools think that their students still need help with extras like resource books, transportation, food, and school clothes. As long as the volunteers are willing to do the paperwork, we will be willing to offer sponsorships. This increased educational help from the government extends to scholarships to college, so that may taper off applications from new scholarship students. 

As I read the letters of needs written by the students applying this year, I had to agree that they still needed our help. So we will continue to sponsor students whose volunteer administrators think they need our help. 😀 We will also be on the alert to find new projects that will be welcomed by the students and schools.
Three Longfu Primary Schools Receive Gifts
We give playground equipment, art supplies, exercise books, resource books, and other school supplies to three small Yao primary schools in the Longfu Township of Du'an. We just got pictures from Dr. Dai, our volunteer there. We also give them all shoes in the winter semester. Money for this comes from the cash jars we place in Chinese restaurants, so put in your change.
Du'an Special
Education School

A online Tencent donation page for this school was generously supplied by Amity Foundation. Many of you gave small amounts, but it only raised about a fourth of the funds we needed for the computer program. Alex Wang will be able to continue his distance learning classes in computers for blind students, but we did not raise money for all the computers we wanted to give the school. If you want to give a computer, let us know. It would be about $500 per computer.

We have ten new special education kids who need to be sponsored in addition to the 10 we already support.They have various handicaps but can learn. Message us which one you want.
Visit our Website at www.blessing-hands.org and donate on our Paypal page. You can also send your sponsorship to Blessing Hands, 106 Timber Lane, Morehead, KY 40351.

Blessings and thanks,

Betty Cutts, Director and Founder of Blessing Hands