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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Year of the Lamb

We wish you a year of
Blessings & Good Health 
     Blessing Hands is delighted to see the Year of the Lamb come and hopes you will be lead into abundance in everything in the New Year. 

     To our friends and supporters, we say thank you for 10 years of being blessing hands helping Chinese students succeed in their goals and lives.

      To our students, we say you are truly blessing hands spreading love to those you interact with everyday. We ask you to continue to lead others by your example. 
Xinzhou High School Students
Xinzhou High School Students 
Click pictures to see more pictures.
Lin Wang School in Yao Minority Area
Lin Wang School in Yao Minority Area
Blessing to all of you, 

Betty Cutts
Founder and Director of Blessing Hands Charity

HAPPY 2015
Year of the Lamb
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kroger plus card

Subject: $329.47 Given Through Kroger Plus Cards
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Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands
December 17, 2014
Great News!
Kroger Rewards Results
Help our students
Help our students
Kroger will be sending a check for $329.47 to Blessing Hands. (18 households) who shopped at Kroger between 09/01/2014 and 11/30/2014 (Cycle 1, Qtr 1) have contributed to our $329.47 total donation. If you are in Kentucky, you can help our kids by simply shopping at Kroger's.

This is free to you and I when we associate our Kroger Plus rewards card with Blessing Hands. Don't forget to link to our organization on the Kroger site. The more our supporters shop with Kroger, the more money our organization will earn!

Go to this Kroger Link to associate your Kroger plus card with Blessing Hands. If you don't have a Kroger Plus card you can sign up for one and save every time you shop. It cost you nothing and has given us $329.47 this quarter. It does not affect your Kroger Credit Card Rewards. 
Give Help to a Primary Chinese Child this Christmas
Yangshuo Child needing a sponsor
Yangshuo Child needing a sponsor

Primary children in the Yangshuo and Liuzhou area of China need sponsorship for school. Put a Chinese child on your Christmas list. Only 7 days until Christmas.

 Please to go this website for more information.

DONATE NOW   Sponsor a Primary Child with a partial sponsorship for a year for $84. 

There is still time to give to our Primary program this Christmas. 

Betty Cutts

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Blessing Hands
Blessing Hands is Thankful 
Peggy Says "Thank You"

Peiling Wu with her students
Peiling Wu (Peggy) graduated from college in 2011 and became a teacher in a rural school. She was among the first 12 girls we sent to college with a grant. She wrote me email just recently that I want to share with you. 
Dear Betty,
How are you? Sorry I haven't contacted you for a long time. Yes, it has been a long time. I currently still teach at the village elementary school. There is not a big number of students, only 187 kids. Besides teaching everyday, I also work on my vegetable garden after school. I live a busy and meaningful life now, which is given by "Blessing Hands", If it were not for your help, I would have dropped out of school. If it were not for your help, I would have worked very hard in a factory production line. I am so thankful for all you have done for me. 
Best wishes!
Peiling Wu
Just Say Boo to Drugs
Blessing Hands volunteers took part in the Just Say Boo to Drugs
Cowboy receives candy after saying Boo to Drugs.
Cowboy receives candy after saying "Boo to Drugs".
event in our community for Halloween. Over a 1,000 children came to get candy from tables set up by nonprofits and businesses in Morehead. The yearly activity keeps the kids out of the rain and dark and allows them to receive a wholesome message about avoiding drugs. 
Matthew Liu, one of our board members who was visiting from China, joined Shuyi Wang, a visiting scholar from Tianjin, in handing out candy to the kids. Having never seen a Halloween in the USA, they took lots of pictures of kids in Halloween costumes and make up. 
Savané Silver Gift
Sweeties Earrings
Silver Sweeties Earrings
We have a special way to raise money this Christmas while offering you Silver Sweeties earrings handmade by Savané Silver in Lexington, Kentucky. 
Rachel Savané has given us a special promotion for Blessing Hands supporters.  She likes to invest in her community and help others. These are solid sterling silver earrings that slip through your pierced ears. 
The cost, which includes shipping in the USA, is $60. Kentucky residents will pay $63.30.This includes Ky sales tax and shipping. International shipping would be about $13 more. 
Do your Christmas shopping online now while helping rural kids in China. 
 undefined $60 for Silver Earrings and shipping
 undefined $63.30 in Kentucky for tax and shipping 
New Primary Students
Mingding's father is hard of hearing. The mother has just disappeared. A cousin, who has lost his parents and has hearing loss, lives with the family.
Mingding's father is hard of hearing. 
Yuanyuan's family is very poor. Her brother is also in our program.d
Yuanyuan's family is very poor. Her brother, Mingding, is also in our program.

I met  Tina Yuqing Qin while she was a visiting scholar in the USA. She and her colleagues had been helping poor students in their area. They joined their efforts with ours to help 12 more of these very poor children.  Here is their report of Yuanyuan's family situation. 
"These primary students are brother and sister.  Among all the poverty-stricken families, their house is the rattiest one our volunteers have ever seen. The kitchen is open air, and the roof ofthe house is a piece of plastic cloth. The outside of the wall is washed out by rains. Written in big read characters is "Keep away from this dilapidated house!" A hand-made bed from a piece of wood is where the little girl sleeps at night. The father is so hard of hearing that we could not communicate with him.  The mother has just disappeared. A cousin, who has lost his parents and is also very hard of hearing, is living together with the family." 
Besides these 12 students, there are 23 more new primary students in Yangshuo, who also need sponsors. You can sponsor one partially for $84 a year or fully for $295 a year. Most of them are from single parent families or the family has a
disabled member. We hope you will give a Christmas gift that will keep on giving to these students for years to come. You can also give to the primary fund and not take a particular student.
 We give thanks that three of these new students have sponsors now. Please make it all of them. We have started a Christmas giving page for these students.  
Blessing Hands Featured at the MSU International Dinner.
Xiaomin Mai Oney and Betty Cutts at the International Dinner at Morehead State University.
Xiaomin Mai Oney and Betty Cutts at the International Dinner at Morehead State University.

Xiaomin Mai Oney, one of our board members, and I had a great time at the recent International Dinner at Morehead State University. We signed up several newsletter contacts and made new friends. I got to present a 10 minute slide show about our students and their needs at the dinner. 
New Sponsors in Cleveland
New sponsors, Hannah Chen and Ray Liu, in Cleveland with Shuyi Wang, a visiting scholar at MSU
Shuyi Wang, Matthew Liu and I enjoyed a trip to Cleveland to talk about Blessing Hands to supporters there. Almost everyone at the meeting signed up to help our kids. If you want a presenter to come to your area, let us know. 
On this Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for the 1000+ students we have helped over 9 years, our devoted volunteers, board members, and staff. Most of all, however, we thank our sponsors, donors, and friends, who make it all possible, and God whose Blessing Hand started and has guided everything. 

Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hua's Story

Someone encouraged me to write a story I told them. Since the story is really told better by Hua herself, I have included her words


I want to share with you the story of Hua. Hua is from a Yao minority family. Her mother and father are gone, but she still lives by the exhortations of her father to study and learn. When I heard about her, she was in great stress because she was unable to afford her second year of college.

When I arranged to meet with her and her family, I found that her three cousins and uncle and aunt, who were both blind, were visiting Hua and her grandmother and brother. Hua was concerned for her three cousins, two primary boys and one lower middle school girl, who also needed help with their schooling.

When I questioned the family, I found that the father once had some sight and could tell his children how to plant vegetables. Their mother was born blind. We all huddled around one heater while I heard the story of their family’s poverty and lack. They were getting some government help, but Hua thought their needs were more important than hers. She wanted us to find sponsors for the three children’s schooling.

I asked Hua to let me make a movie of her explaining her own need for a university sponsor to help her with her tuition. I had to take that movie three times, but she never did stop crying all the way through. The final take out in the sunlight turned out better, and I knew in my spirit that somehow, someway, I would find a sponsor for Hua and her cousins. I told her that God loved her, which was about all I could say in Chinese just then, and hugged her. With those words, I knew that God would do something about Hua, who was more concerned for her relatives than she was for herself.

I put her video on our Youku.com channel as soon as possible and was surprised the next day when one of our sponsors contacted me to sponsor her without me even putting the video link in our newsletter. He just happened on the video and was moved. Hua soon had her scholarship for five more years of college. The sponsor even gave extra to cover her other needs and needs of her family. Her cousins also were sponsored in due season. Here is Hua’s story in her own words.

Her beloved teacher confirmed her story and added that she would come barefoot to school but would stay outside to listen since she could not afford the tuition that had to be paid back then.

Walking on a Long Journey—My Medical Dream

A dismal little room with clay walls, one small table and some tools, a small bed, this was my house when I came to this world. I was born in a poor village, and was sealed with “the poor” when I was born. When I was three years old, my mother got away from my father and me since she could not tolerate the poverty. From then on, my life became more miserable than ever before. In my father’s entire life, he has tried every way to make some money, such as growing grain, beans, working in towns nearby as a porter, but my family still could not get away from the poverty.

I was not able to go to school as my peers because my father could not afford it. I was so envious of those who were able to go to school. Many times I followed far behind them going to the school. Standing against the window of the classroom, I looked into the classroom and listened to the teacher. I so enjoying those moments.

Eventually, my father sent me to the school with a load of corn. I understand that my first class was as significant as that load of corn, even though that school could only offer lessons for the first and second grades. I started doing housework such as doing laundry and cooking before I was able to go to school. I studied diligently, was granted very good points, and won my teachers’ admiration and respect.

When I was in my first grade, my grandmother fell down from a little attic in my house and got injured seriously. It took us a lot to cure my grandmother. In my second grade, my father’s leg was broken by a falling tree when he was logging for a living. That was the most miserable period in my life. My family has entered into heavy debt since then.

When I finished my second grade, I had to go to another school which was five kilometers away from my house. For four years, I had to walk that far to go to school and ate only one meal every day. My father’s leg recovered later. When I was eleven years old, my father became an out-of-town worker in order to save money for my brother and me to go to middle school.

I graduated from elementary school with the highest honors and grades in my county and was accepted by the only key middle school in my county. On my way to the middle school, my father warned me to study hard, that was his only desire on me. Three years later, I graduated from the county key middle school and was accepted into the city key high school. Although the county key high school had offered me wonderful policies, my father insisted that I should go to the city key high school to receive the best education. He was willing to sell everything he had to afford for me to be educated. My father had little education, yet he knew the importance of knowledge. He did not want his daughter to live the same life as he did.

My father passed away when I was a junior in high school, and I lost my only support. He died owing. He worked too hard to take break, which seriously hurt his liver and consequently, his liver function failed.

Fortunately, I got an assistantship with the great help from my head teacher. I finished my study in high school and was accepted by Guangxi Medical University. I have enrolled in a seven-year program of clinical medicine.

I was happy because I realized my father’s dream; meanwhile, I was sad as I did not know how I was going to be am able to afford my study. I was very grateful that I received a college student loan and finished my first year of study. I have applied for another batch of loans for my sophomore year, but the loan I got is not enough to pay my schooling bill. My brother is an apprentice and gets little pay, so he is not able to help me. My two uncles have their families to afford, and it is hard for them to help me. I understand, it is cost to study in medical school, and maybe this major is not suitable considering my economic situation. But I believe. Since I have chosen this way, I am willing to stand on my dream, pursue and realize it.

I wish I could get any help so I could walk further.


Now let me tell you the rest of the story. She of course got her help from Blessing Hands. After she got a Blessing Hands, Hua was so grateful that she wanted to see me when I and her sponsor came to 藍奕邦 Pong Nan
again. She asked what she could do to help us with the scholarship lunch we planned to have in her city. I asked her to come early and put name tags on all the students and help them wait in the lobby until we could all go up to the banquet room together. She got busy on our qq.com internet group and talked to all the scholarship students online. She made sure they knew where to come for the meal and made a list of who was coming. This was a great help to us since I can’t speak Chinese and needed someone to talk to the students and encourage them to come.

Because of her efforts many more students came to the meal than ever had before. We almost did not have enough room at the huge table we always use. Later she asked if she could be a co-administrator on the qq.com group. I agreed, and she soon had the group in order with people blocked who were not our students and those that were in alphabetical order so I could find them by their Romanized Chinese names. She is our cheerleader spreading news and being a blessing hand to our students in that chat group. I am expecting great things of Hua and so is her sponsor.

Betty Cutts

We ask our students to do 3 hours of volunteer service a semester. I suspect she has done more than that.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Arts and Eats Festival in Morehead

Arts and Eats Festival
You are invited!
The Arts and Eats Festival will be this Saturday the 20th in Morehead, KY from 11
Our table in 2011
Our table in 2011
am to 4 pmBlessing Hands will have a tent in front of Stuckey's Beauty Shop on Main Street. We will be selling lemonade and snacks. Half of all we make will go to two local charities, who serve people in distress.

There will an entertainment schedule, merry-go-round, bouncy inflatables, and many booths selling food and art items. Bring the whole family for some fall fun. 

We welcome volunteers for the morning and afternoon and baked goods to sell.

Call 606 207 4785 to volunteer or offer food items to sell. 

                                        Zeng Qunhui Lost Most of her                                               Scholarship Sponsors
Zeng Qunhui 's brother and father have 7 people to support.
Zeng Qunhui 's brother and father have 7 people to support.

We have a sophomore scholarship student whose sponsors have not been able to sponsor her again. She is a good student with a 85.3 Grade Point Average. She is studying pharmacy engineering at Guangxi Normal University and will graduate in 2017. 


This is her volunteer report for her freshman year. 

I have participated in two volunteer activities in my spare time during last year. In the winter holiday, I went to a clinic, which is near my home, to be a volunteer. I explained prevention knowledge about AIDS to the rural
Zeng volunteered at a local clinic.
Zeng volunteered at
a rural clinic.
residents. If they asked me something about AIDS, I would explain it to them. I worked as a volunteer for a week. After a week, they knew something about AIDS.

In spring semester, I went to a deaf school with members of our school community. We took some gifts for deaf students, including pencils, books, and exercise books. At the beginning, we  could not understand each other. We communicated with body language. I taught them how to fold paper cranes, and we played games together too.

I went to work as a volunteer teacher in summer vacation. My students were rural children. I  taught them to recite poetry, and I asked them to write poetry by themselves. This activity lasted for 20 days.

Please help Zeng Gunhui with a scholarship for the rest of her 3 years of college. You can see that she is a blessing hand to many people. She has $165 from one sponsor toward her $650 Scholarship. Help her make up the difference. 

undefined Give $85 to renew Qunhui's college scholarship for three more years. 

undefined Give $100 

undefined Give $200 
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Arts and Eats Festival. We can be reached at 606 207 4785.
Betty Cutts
Blessing Hands
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